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Being able to switch servers on Trickster Online

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Trickster online is a MMORPG, with two separate servers! I play Jewelia server, where there is no one really playing.. And I always wanted to play fantasia! However, I can not do this because I have such high level characters on Jewelia. There is no way to switch from one server to the next, due to the fact that each economy is different on the servers. I would like to start this petition to be able to switch servers on Trickster Online. I wish to create a item in Myshop that will allow us to switch servers, at the cost of our own money. If you were to buy this item many things would have to be done to switch. Unfortunately, if you are to switch you would have to lose all your in-game galder because the economy is different on each. So at your own cost, you must be willing and prepared to start over without any money. What changes would Occur: Friends list: Deleted Cost: $5 per character Guild: Must leave current guild Items: Will be transferred along with the character you send. Example:(If your char has a powerful arc in inventory, it will go to other server) Money: Will be kept on the server you transfer from, but when u reach the new server you will be given 10mil starter cash.(20mil starter cash on jewelia) EXAMPLE: You are switching from Jewelia to Fantasia, the money you have on Jewelia WILL BE KEPT ON JEWELIA AND NOT TRANSFERRED TO FANTASIA.You will be given 10mil as your starter cash, no more. MYCAMP: Will be used on both servers, all items involved within the house. Char slots: If your character slots are full on the server you are transferring to. You will have to delete or freeze a char to get a new open slot. To keep your money, you must have at least one char on each server to hold the money amount you own. Marriages:Will be disbanded upon your transfer These are the changes that will need to be done in order to switch. Please help me to change this game for the better! Thank you so much for your time! Sincerely, A current every day Trickster.

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