Cap class size at 20

Diana Andrade
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My name is Diana Andrade, I am a parent of 2 boys at Tremont Elementary School. This year my son entered Kindergarten with a class size of 24. Originally, there were four Kindergarten classes with 18 students in each. At the last minute the district collapsed one of the classes leaving 24 children in each class. I believe that 24 Kindergarteners are way too many children in a classroom. I do not feel that these children are getting the individual attention that they would be getting if there were 18-20 students in a class. Nor, do I feel they are learning as much as they would if the class size was smaller. I feel very strongly that there should be no more than 20 students in a class, especially the younger grades.   I do not want this to happen again next year! I would like the first grade to have four sections so there is 18-20 children in a class.  Please take a moment and support this petition by signing it.  I hope you share the same feelings as I do.




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