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Trash of the sand into the cans

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Our class is studying ocean and beach pollution. We want to study ocean and beach pollution for many reasons. We feel that our mistakes will lead to problems for future generations. That is why we need to keep our beaches safe and sanitary. Also, many animals are dying or being poisoned by sewage or litter from the beaches. When you go to the beach you shouldn’t have to worry about getting diseases from the polluted water, or not having a fun time at the beach. The needles used on sick patients used to be thrown into the oceans and when people got pricked with them, they got diseases like HIV and AIDS. It also makes a bad impression of that state in our community. Ocean and beach pollution is a very serious problem because the polluted ponds and rivers in town are small waterways that lead to bigger waterways around the world. One of the sports fields in our town is so polluted with chemical waste that we can no longer use it. The government should handle this problem because it will have a more sufficient change on the people and we elect them to protect us. Also, it is too big of a problem for the community to resolve because it has gone nation wide. We think everyone should care about it because it affects all of us. Also, we were all a part of contributing to this problem so we should all help solve it. People could help by doing things as simple as volunteering to clean up polluted areas. There are three existing policies/laws dealing with beach pollution. There’s the clean water act, the water quality planning act and the New Jersey water pollution control act. These rules aren’t adequate though because they are all outdated. Society changes, technology changes, but laws don’t We need to be updated and ready to help. Some interest groups supporting to stop beach pollution is the EPA, DEP, and the clean water action. Everyone in the community should take responsibility for stopping beach and ocean pollution because the more people that help solve this problem, the faster it will be solved. For example, people could volunteer to clean up polluted rivers and streams because they lead to oceans. It’s hard to make everyone agree with us because everyone has his or her own ideology. Some existing laws and policies that are helping us deal with this problem are The Clean Water Act of 1972, and the New Jersey Water Pollution Control Act. Even though there are two good laws they are both outdated. Society changes, technology changes, but laws don’t There are always going to be disagreements about the way the problem is being handled because everyone has their own ideology and opinions. Everyone should be interested in this problem because everyone uses water. There are also main organizations that care about this topic. There is the Clean Water Action Group and the Alliance for a Living Ocean. The Clean Water Action Group are doing what they can to stop pollution and trying to make people become greener. They realize how bad the problem is and want to try to fix it. The Alliance fro a Living Ocean is getting volunteers from all over to clean up the beaches. They are interested in this problem because they want to have a clean and quality beach. All levels of government are responsible for this problem. Every level can help to do something for our oceans and beaches. The government isn’t doing much to help this problem. They feel it’s discretionary and doesn’t need to be attended to right now. They are not helping the environment. They must act soon before it’s too late.


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