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Transformice, We Need Mods! Save Our Community!

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We need more mods!

[Enticer] mine is Rape Red
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[Enticer] it is when u are the raper

Sick of seeing things like this when you log in for a fun game of Transformice? Well, we are too.

We, the community of Transformice, have been begging for this addition for a very long time; a bigger moderation team. We love the game and we want to see is succeed, but the community is completely poisonous and is not only effecting some players on an emotional level, but is damaging Atelier 801 as a company.

Not a day goes by where I am not faced with the fact that there there is a bunch of poisonous players online and no mods at hand to deal with them. When there is a mod around, 9 times out of 10 our reports go unheard, our whispers are ignored or their whispers are disabled entirely. There have been a few mods that I absolutely adore who would respond instantly, but they cannot carry this weight on their shoulders alone. We need more mods like them who care. This does not even cost you, Atelier 801, any money at all. While it would be fantastic if you did have the money to hire a professional mod team, you have the option of picking players who love this community and would not hesitate to volunteer their time.

Without any sort of staff to enforce your rules and ToS, these may as well not exist. We know you have voiced this is an issue you take very seriously and we have seen first-hand that you will even ban players that make big purchases in order to stabilise your community, but it is beyond stable and action is needed right away. Every day myself and my frieds deal with blatant racism, sexually graphic comment, vulgar language, homophobes and everything else you could possible imagine on an offensive level (don't get me started on the number of rape jokes, as I write this there is even a room in the new 'room list' added called 'raperoom'). The hackers and spammers also barely get dealt with. All in all, this community is a breeding ground for chaos.

Myself, friends and several others have tried to reach out and contact Meli and the other Transformice admins, but we feel our requests go ignored or are put on a shelf to deal with later. It is bad that nothing is being done but even worse than we do not get any answers or any form of attempt at reassurance. We understand you are busy, we understand there is a lot of things that need to be done that take up your time and that running a game is a time-consuming task, but this issue has been beyond urgent need of attention for a very long time and is hurting your game far more than you like to believe.

You want your game to grow and with the recent Steam release this is solid evidence of how hard you are trying to make this happen, but you are not going to keep many of these Steam players with the current state of the community. I, the petition creator, have seen many people quit before the Steam release was even planned, so new players logging in only to see how insanely terrible this community is are only going to turn and leave. Your video promoting the game makes the game look amazingly fun and the game itself really is entertaining and provokes a lot of laughter, but as soon as you look down at the chat that all vanishes.

This is not a minor thing. You are spending most of your time on things like art revamps, new buttons, new menus, new items, new furs etc.These are all small things that, while great and it is things people love to see, they are not ugently required and could be what is put on the shelf instead of this far more pressing issue. People may read this and think "it's just a game, ignore them, whatever, get over it," but it's hard to ignore how constant it is and, let's face it, there is a limit on that ignore list and with the current state of the community it is very easily maxed out.

So please put all those things to one side temporarily and fix the community. You will gain nothing but benefits from this motion. The players will be happy, people will stay, people will invite their friends and this in turn brings your game in to the positive light you want it to be viewed in.

Save Our Community!

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