Traffic Congestion Improvement

David Villanueva
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Austin is a developing city with an aging traffic light system... 

With increasing population growth in Austin, we are no strangers to the traffic congestion. Our current traffic lights aren't suited to cater to the needs of Austin drivers. 

Although a little costly, our immediate approach to the problem is "Smart Traffic Lights". Unlike, the traffic lights currently in use by the city, which run on preset timers, smart lights use sensors that are able to tell when congested is piling up. By doing this, it allows lights to respond and allows a more fluent traffic flow. On average, smart lights decrease traffic congestion by 40% outside the city, and 26% in the city.

In addition to being convenient for the drivers, they are also environment friendly. This is because when you aren't in traffic, your vehicle idles less, which in return releases on average 21% less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 




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