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Traffic Calming in Pimmit Hills Neighborhood

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Out of a growing concern over the increasing volume and speed of traffic through our neighborhood, the PHCA has formed the Traffic Calming committee in an attempt to address this growing issue. As many of you are likely aware, because our neighborhood is conveniently situated between or near many major thoroughfares (Route 7, Route 123, I-66, I-495), our streets suffer from a disproportionately high volume of "cut-through" traffic. As a result, our streets are plagued by drivers who zip through our neighborhood with little regard for the safety of its homeowners and, most importantly, our children.

As an example, my street, Pimmit Drive, gets an average of 18 cars per minute during "rush hour" on weekdays - dramatically higher than the average of 6 cars per minute at all other times of the day. Of even greater concern is the speed of the cars that use our street: of the 1000+ cars that use our street in the morning over 62% (672 cars per hour) exceed the posted speed limit of 25 mph, and about 145 cars per hour go above 50 mph.

Clearly, the situation is dangerous to adults, and most especially children - with the volume of cars exceeding the speed limit so often, accidents have become all too common place and many of us on my street alone have be personally affected in one way or another. I once had a car parked on the street that was hit by a speeding car; the impact was so severe that the car was totaled. I have a 2 year old and have had more than my fair share of close calls. So I've put up a "Slow", sign by my curb, the very next day, the sign was knocked over (clipped) by a speeding car.

It is clear that something needs to be done about the situation immediately, and we, the PHCA Traffic Calming Committee have taken action by making a formal request for Fairfax County (See full text of the request below) to conduct a traffic study of our neighborhood. This is a an important, and necessary first step which we hope will spur action from the county for the implementation of much-needed traffic calming measures; including but not limited to speed humps, stop signs, flashing lights, and "children at play" signs.

If our request for the study is approved, Fairfax County (through FCDOT) will require that the "affected areas" for the requested streets be balloted. When this happens, it is critical that we have YOUR vote to approve the implementation of the Calming Study and your agreement to implement the recommended measures.

Please help us make our streets safer for us and for our kids. Let's take this first step to taking back the safety of our neighborhood's streets!

If you would like to speak to us with questions or concerns, please feel free to reach us at

Thank you for your attention and support,

The PHCA Traffic Calming Committee

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The following is the text of the letter, requesting a traffic calming study, that was sent to Fairfax County by the PHCA on May 29, 2014:

Pimmit Hills Citizens Association

1927 Pimmit Drive

Falls Church, VA 22043

May 29, 2014

John Foust

Dranesville District Supervisor

Fairfax County

6649-A Old Dominion Drive

McLean, VA 22101

Dear Supervisor Foust:

This letter is the formal request by the Pimmit Hills Citizens Association (PHCA or the Association) to initiate a traffic calming project on the following six locations within the Pimmit Hills neighborhood:

1. Pimmit Drive between Sportsman Drive and Friden Drive

2. Patterson Road between Paxton Road and Pimmit Drive

3. The intersection of Lisle Avenue and Peabody Drive

4. Griffith Road between Magarity Avenue and Lisle Avenue

5. The intersection of Pimmit Drive and Howard Court

6. Lisle Avenue between Fisher Drive and Ware Road

7. The intersection of Griffith Road and Cherri Drive

These locations are identified in the map of Pimmit Hills, Figure 1. Detailed justifications for requesting Traffic Calming projects on these locations are provided below. In addition, the table below shows the names and contact information for neighbors willing to serve on the community task force. Greg Melencio has agreed to serve as the lead contact for the task force.

Community task force members

Greg (Lead Contact),Jeremy, Connie, Charles, Animesh

1. Pimmit Drive between Sportsman Drive and Friden Drive

Pimmit Drive experiences regular cut-through traffic between McLean and the Idylwood Plaza shopping center. The segment of Pimmit Drive between Sportsman Drive and Friden Drive is the second block in one of the longest straightaways in the neighborhood that does not have any intervening stop signs, curves, or corners that would slow down traffic without the presence of traffic calming measures. Vehicles on this stretch of road routinely travel in excess of the posted 25 mph speed limit. Additionally, several instances of have occurred where vehicles parked on this and adjacent sections of Pimmit Drive were damaged by vehicles that recklessly speed through the street.

Residents have measured the volume and speed of vehicles that travel on Pimmit Drive as follows (observed traffic counts during peak periods; Weekdays 0800h-0930h and 1600h-1730h):

> Up to 18 cars/minute

> 4 of 5 cars exceed posted speed limit of 25 mph

> 75 vehicles/hour travelling at speeds > 40 mph

In addition, there is above average pedestrian traffic with children along this stretch of road due to its adjacency to Olney Park which is often used by children form the residential community. The Association requests that both speed humps and “Watch for Children” signs are installed on this section of Pimmit Drive.

2. Patterson Road between Paxton Road and Pimmit Drive

Patterson Road is immediately behind the Tysons Station shopping center and routinely experiences cut-through or –around traffic due to vehicles attempting to avoid the traffic light at Route 7 and Patterson Road also has a significant slope which leads to vehicles often exceeding the 25 mph speed limit posted. On a regular basis, traffic from the shopping center now parks in the no parking zones along the top of Pimmit and cuts down Patterson road at high rates of speed rather than wait in long lines at the light to VA-7 and Patterson Road. This neighborhood street is not designed for that traffic level and because it has a significant slope, the traffic is not always visible from one end of the block to the other.

3. The intersection of Lisle Avenue and Peabody Drive

This intersection is a safety risk for elementary school students going to and from Westgate Elementary School and others crossing the road. Lisle Avenue is a main artery in the Pimmit Hills neighborhood, where careless drivers routinely go well above the speed limit. Currently there is a traffic volunteer during the school opening and closing hours, but school and neighborhood children have to cross this intersection at other times to get to and from school, especially if there are evening activities.

The Association requests that the County put in a four way stop sign at the crossing of Lisle Avenue and Peabody Road and convert the crosswalks into a four-way zebra crossing. Figure 2 illustrates the current condition of the intersection. Figure 3 illustrates a schematic of the requested zebra crossings added to the intersection. Considering the elevation of this intersection it is safer to have a four way stop signs as it would provide neighborhood residents to safely engage in pedestrian activities at all times.

4. Griffith Road between Magarity Road and Lisle Avenue

The section of Griffith Road between Magarity Avenue and Lisle Avenue frequently experiences cut-through traffic from vehicles entering the neighborhood. The Association requests that speed bumps are installed along this stretch of road to curb the speed of traffic, which frequently exceed the posted speed limit of 25 mph.

Additionally, the Association also requests that “Watch for Children” Signs be installed along this stretch of road due its being adjacent to the Pimmit Hills Alternative education center resulting in increased pedestrian traffic with children.

5. Pimmit Drive and Howard Court

The segment of Pimmit Drive adjacent to VA-7 (Leesburg pike) routinely experiences cut-through traffic exceeding the posted speed limit of 25 mph. In addition, the curve of the road prevents visibility of oncoming vehicles from only 300 feet ahead, while the curve itself gradual enough so that vehicles do not reduce their speed.

6. Lisle Avenue between Fisher Drive And Ware Road

The section of Lisle Avenue adjacent to VA-7 (Leesburg Pike) routinely experiences a high volume of traffic of vehicles due to vehicles entering and exiting the neighborhood. Vehicles on this stretch of road routinely exceed the posted speed limit of 25mph. In conjunction with many hidden driveways, this stretch Lisle can be hazardous to both residents and motorists alike.

7. Griffith Road and Cherri Drive

Griffith Road at Cherri Drive routinely experiences heavy volume of cut-through traffic especially during peak (“rush”) hours when motorists routinely speed past this intersection in excess of the 25mph speed limit. This intersection also immediately adjacent to Griffith Park which is often used by children form the residential community. The Association requests that, at this intersection, a 3-way Stop sign be installed to help regulate the traffic. The Association also requests that “Watch for Children” signs be installed around the intersection to increase motorists’ awareness about the potential for children in the area.


Pimmit Hills Citizens Association

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