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Old Republic-Server Transfers/Merge

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Goal: To force Bioware/Electronic Arts to make server merges and server transfers a priority. Pledge: To unsubscribe from Star Wars The Old Republic if server merges or transfers are not implemented by the end of April 2012. Background: Currently Star Wars TOR has become an un-enjoyable experience for hundreds of thousands of paid subscribers as server populations have dramatically decreased. TOR was designed to be a massively multiplayer online role playing game. By its' very nature the game hinges on its' ability to function as a multiplayer gaming experience in a persistent online world. As it stands now on many servers, the main Republic/Imperial fleet hubs have populations way below 100 players even during peak weekend hours. This makes it nearly impossible to group or experience flashpoints, operations, and even PvP warzones. On major planets on many servers, player population is at times below 10 players. This makes completing heroic quests near impossible. The auction house and player economy have also suffered as well, as anybody who has tried to sell a high level item can tell you. Player to player trading is abysmal at best. While one could state the claim that you could just "re-roll" a new character on a more populated server, this does not fix the problem. Many casual to moderate players have invested hundreds of hours and over $200.00 for the collector’s edition and subscription fees. They have grown attached to their main character. There is no reason they should not be able to share experiences and quest with other human players in an MMORPG. While I understand that server merges or transfers may be technically complex, this issue could have EASILY been foreseen and planned for from day one. As this game has been in development for many years, not having these features ready is no excuse. While I am pleased about the upcoming content additions, legacy features, and gui updates; this content is meaningless if there is nobody physically to group with to complete the content that has been added. I pledge to unsubscribe from Star Wars Old Republic effective May 1 2012 if server transfers or server merges are not implemented.

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