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TruTV InSession to Follow Tommy Falcone Murder Trial

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Petition To TruTV InSession to Follow Murder of Tommy Falcone Trial in Phillip Blythe Lewis Vs. State of North Carolina Superior Court.

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*UPDATE* 3/23/11: Over the last 8 months there has been multiple unsuccessful attempts to gain access to court papers, contact with lawyers that may/may not be able to help, police report information, as well as contact with victim advocates! Tommy's death will go unpunished and forgotten if we do not seek additional legal counsel, or get his story out to he media!

-There is an extreme need of help for representation for Tommy. There has been absolutely no legal conversation or providing with important documents to the Falcone family, despite numerous heartfelt attempts. But it goes deeper than family. Tommy's friends. He was loved by so many people; and all these people continue to grief over the loss of a true friend.

The Lewis family have been extremely blessed financially, are are using this blessing to support their son, Phillip Lewis- who was caught Red Handed as the murderer of Tommy Falcone.
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*Please READ!!*

So far here is a short list (not containing every incident; nor in correct order) of the injustices that Cherylann Falcone and the Falcone family has been forced to encounter during this extremely tough loss of their son, nephew, cousin and more..All of these statements are sincerely true, and non-biased.

  1. Highly disgusted, an offer was rejected, and the family was told, "Sorry- that was only hypothetically speaking- multiple years is a long duration for someone having to give up their life. If we don't take the plea then we risk our chances at trial." (Phillip decided to go and grab weapons from his home, chase Tommy, and shoot him in the back! Phillip Lewis took a life, deliberately, under the influence of controlled substances as well as consuming alcohol under 21!! If there is a victim's advocate, then why would they be taking the side of a murderer!?! WHERE is the "Justice"!!??!..)

  2. Although several attempts to receive important court documents containing Defense Attorney information have been placed- there has been no contact in return. These documents include more information surrounding the arrest of Phillip Lewis the night of the incident, those involved, as well as statements. (All of this information is a legal right to be provided to the opposing party. The family has been completely ignored and left to ponder whats going on!!- Is it starting to seem like something is wrong here?? Well it gets worse..)

  3. Procrastination. The word does not even sum up the characteristic of this process for the Falcone's; who have let their wishes be known that if the trial is to be held in Pitt Co, NC then there would be an obvious bias and discouragement of a fair trial. Although they have made several attempts to do something; and recieve some sort of information in the response of protecting the Right given to US Citizens via Our Constitution to the Right To Fair Trial By Jury- there has been no response at ALL from any one. The idea has simply not be addressed, nor considered and the Falcone family is left clueless. (The Lewis family has too much influence surrounding this case, as well as the judge proceeding over the trial, which are all public record..Yet the Falcone's have received NO help at all)

  4. While the Falcone family keeps Tommy's remembrances close; it cannot replace their loss. While Tommy was lost on that night, Phillip Lewis posted a bail of only $400,000.00 within 12 hours of his arrest! There were two other inmates also booked in Pitt Co. Jail on the night of Tommy's murder, both who have bonds that total over $1.8 Million dollars combined! (Why was Mr. Lewis allowed to post such a low bond compared to the other bonds that had been set for previous Murder Charged inmates that SAME night?!- and No, those other people jailed for murder are NOT out of Jail to this day..)

  5. The Defense is attempting to bash Tommy's name, all for the protection of their client. But now, they have taken it has far as harassing the victim's friends! While the Defense easily gets information and legal steps in the trial, the family of a lost loved one simply cannot get any help! (Everything surrounding Phillip Lewis since his arrest is extremely shaky because of his family connections and blessed earnings! There has been absolutely no justice, the justice system in Pitt Co., NC is NOT working directly and as fairly as they should!)

  6. All of this slack has caused extreme pain for the Falcone family, and is simply a Defense strategy! There will be another meeting at the end of June in which the Defense will defend a cold blooded killer! This case is being "sped through the system" and is getting looked over! The final court date is in OCTOBER! The defense is doing their best to defend a killer who was caught Red Handed!! (If anybody is reading this and can aid is providing any sort of legal counsel then PLEASE contact us at the petition! We are looking for someone or some group to help us! We lost our dearest friend, and his killer is going to get away with this if someone doesn't help! We are attempting to reach as many media outlets as possible. Tommy's story needs to be heard around the United States!)
Please spread this petition to every one that you know!

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POWER is in numbers, and we are remaining as positive as possible throughout this horrible situation! You make such a HUGE difference by signing this petition! Thank you SO MUCH! IF you know anybody that can aid in justice for Tommy and his family- PLEASE let us know!!

*End of 3/23 Update* (more coming soon)
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"This group will be open to the public in attempt to gain as many members as possible in support of the Tommy Falcone murder investigation. This petition is designed to filter support and be sent to Tru Tv's In-Session, a show that provides cameras in the court room. With so much surrounding this trial, and the unprecedented warming personality and popularity that followed Tommy Falcone, this petition will serve as the hope and faith that the wrongful death of an innocent man gets out to the media."
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Tommy was loved by more people than most other people even meet in their lifetime. Anybody who ever met Tommy always became his best friend, and would do anything for him- as he would have done anything for them. Tommy would bend over backwards to help someone out, and was a truly great friend to all. We cannot let Tommy's murder go unpunished. What happened to Tommy was unjust and cowardly. Tommy never deserved this, and in contrast inadvertently left behind hundreds- if not thousands of people who he had brightened their lives. Mr. Falcone was a blessing to be around, and he is truly missed. Please sign and contribute in any way. Let your voice be heard. We must petition in numbers, get active, donate, etc- for Tommy so we can be positive that Mr. Phillip Lewis receives just and proper punishment for his actions.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - As of recent- The man who shot and killed our friend Tommy Falcone in the back while fleeing the scene of an incident; is set to appear in Pitt Co. Superior Court in February. To inform those who are just now finding their way to this petition- please sign..

  • February 4th was Tommy Falcone's birthday, nearly one month before his Mother Cherylann Falcone's birthday in March.. Instead of enjoying a day of birth, Tommy's family will convene in yet another court appearance in which they will be in severe mourning, not being able to visit and spend time with Tommy, while Phillip Lewis' family has that pleasure.
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