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arindam chakraborty
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I have come to know from a reliable source that NHFDC Bank is giving loan for handicapped person. So I went there for loan they told me to go DM Office at barasat for sanctioning the loan amount.I went there (Samaj Kalyan Daptar,Barasat).They told me to go BDO office. I went to BDO Office at Muragacha. But they told me that they are not under municipal area as they are working on panchayat.They told me to go Barrackpore prosasanik Bhawan. I also went there.They told me that they can not do anything it will do Barasat Samaj Kalyan Bibhag they also told that samaj kalyan daptar avoiding their work. So I went to our New Barackpore Municipality for guidance. Chairman told me to go samaj kalyan daptar,Barasat.Again I went to barasat. But the staff of the samaj kalyan daptar told me they can not do anything and also told barackpore Prosasanik Bhawan's staff are avoiding their work. I have all documents to get a loan from NHFDC as their interest is low for handicapped persons but who see my all documents? I am a handicapped person how many time can i go to these offices? Now what I do? you tell me please.I am waiting for your reply.




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