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To The Fathers

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My little brother, Caleb, has two best friends, Jeffery, and Jude. Jeffery is twelve, the same age as my brother, and Jude is nine. Jeffery and Jude never really had any money, but nonetheless, they were always happy. They had their wonderful, fantastic dad watching over them, and no matter how much they were struggling, they were always kind, and joyful. When Jude was only two, their mother left. No, the father did not make her leave. She chose to leave her family, then she continued on her path, soon becoming a horrible drug addict, along with her parents, and now her boyfriend. Up until the last year, the mother refused to make any contact with her sons. None. Whatsoever. But then, her new boyfriend insisted that "he will not be her boyfriend if she does not make an attempt to help her boys." Keep in mind: her boyfriend is a drug addict too. So she requestied Jude and Jeffery, and not having a choice, the father unwillingly let them visit every now and then. Jeffery and Jude hated it. All their life, they feared their mother, they were scared to walk home from school. On the 28th, they will be going to court to see who will be able to take the boys. Jeffery and Jude's father, or their mother. I cannot stress you how much it means to them to stay with their father; who, even though he might not have a very good job at the moment, was always thoughtful, and kind to his sons, rather than go with their mother; who promised them that if she was able to take custody that they will never see their father, or their friends again. That they will be homeschooled; by a freaking drug addict. I don't think you guys understand how horrible the court system is for these kind of things, if a father walks in with a slight slur, and not having the best-looking clothes, while the mother comes in, pulled together, looking spic and span, you can guess who's going to win. The mother has a line of "friends" who are going to lie to her; saying things like "she always used her time with her sons," and, "oh, she's such a good mother," meanwhile the father, who speaks only the truth about her, loses the two humans he loves the most. My family is doing as much as we can to help them, I might even stand up to testify, as well with my brother, for his best friends. I know we can't do anything to help them, but please. Please. Get the word out. Sign this petition. The court always chooses the mother over the father, and sometimes, that isn't the best choice. Please. Please, if you can, sign this petition. You have no idea how much it will mean to them.

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