To restrict the sale ,regulate,& register the sale of Assault Weapons,Magazines,and ammo of firearms.

Jon Weston
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Since the end of the 1994 Ban of a assault weapons in 2004 they has been a void that these weapons need to be under control.instead of bring back the old law,lets put these weapons on permit.All assault weapons on the list will be sold one weapon per 2months or 60 days.The person must pay a fee of $300.00 per gun.must go through a background check through Federal ,state,county,and municipal authorities.They can hold the permit for 5 years.All handgun,Rifle,and shotgun magazines over 11+1 must be registered in to computer of all sale to the person that own the weapon.11+1 to 15+1 sales will be restricted to 2 to 3 Magazines a month;& 16+1 to 21+1 be restricted to 1 to2 magazine a month.All handgun magazines of 20+1 to 33+1 will be put under the A.T.F,and pay a fee of $100.00 per Magazine.rifle 22+1 to 31+1 1 magazine a month.All magazine over 32+1 will be under the A.T.F.All firearms will be gun printed in the A.T.F.All ammo must be registered up to 500rounds .More than 500 rounds will be checked on by the Firearms board,and any ammo over 1000 rounds will be background checked for the reason they have ,and if the is not right they will be fined $30,000.00.Sales of Ammo ,and Magazines that are not allowed on the internet with out the authority of A.T.F.or local Law Enforcememt is a $ 25,000,00 fine also Magazines too.Get rid of the Gun Show loophole,any person who breaks the rules first offends lost the right to sell weapons 2 to3 years and a $50.00.00fine 2nd a 5years and 150.000.00fine third is a life ban,and a$ 500.000.00 fine.If under suspension they sell weapons 5 to 10 m years in federal prison and 750.000 fine.Illegal sale of firearms over state lines 4 to 8 years in prison and a $200.000.00 fine.If you are in a organized group of gun traffican you will get 10 to 15 years in prison and a $1.000.000 fine,and any weapon in a used in a murder ,and shouting of a person wounded 3 years a person,and $150.000.00 fine per person hurt by that weapon.Any person Mentally ill that the court feels that he is mentally insane,and either put in a mental Hospital or home ,or on out clinic treatment that is a danger to other people ,and himself will be bared for owning a weapon until cleared sane after 10 to 15 years out of treatment.Any person on the Terrorist watch list shall not be allowed to own firearms ,until they are proven safe to be armed ,and not a terrorist threat to the community,and will be given a trial to prove they are not a treat to the public.If not they will not allowed to be armed.These are my ideas of what I think should be done to control weapons in this nation.







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    Jon Weston United States
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