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G Gabriel
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Dear Strata Council, We, the owners and residents of LMS3903, have been shocked to be told that Concierge Goran Savic has been let go as of March 17, 2013. He was given less than two weeks notice after 11 years of dedicated and dependable service. We understand that the Strata Council is in place to speak for the owners, but in this case, we the undersigned feel that Mr. Savic's termination was drastic, untimely, and unjust. These actions will consequently undermine the crime prevention and safety here at LMS3903. We appeal to the Strata Council to address the following requests on behalf of the LMS3903 community and staff members who support us. 1) We demand the immediate reinstatement of Mr. Savic as Concierge; and 2) A written apology to Mr. Savic and his family for the grief and unnecessary embarrassment caused and placed unto them. In the event that these requests was not carried out we ask for: a) an open forum to explain why any one of these was not carried out; and b) a vote of the owners to determine whether Mr. Savic should or should not be reinstated as Concierge. Mr. Savic goes above and beyond his duties and responsibilities as Concierge, and has done so for the last 11 years. Not only has he developed professional relations with the residents and families, but above all his greatest concern is crime prevention and the safety of our community. We are all deeply appalled by this abrupt action. We the undersigned have faith in the Strata Council, and know you will make right was was wronged. We only demand fairness and decency toward someone who serves the LMS3903 community so well and for so many years. Sincerely, LMS3903 Owners and Residents



  • Thad Boister
    Thad Boister Canada, Vancouver
    Oct 23, 2017
    Oct 23, 2017
    What a f**king joke this petition is. So laughable. Goran was a miserable unappreciative a-hole. His firing should have happened years before it happened. Good riddance!


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