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The ‘Official’ Petition Against Non-EU Illegal Immigration by the Maltese People – Constructive, and Effective.

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National Security:

We insist that if asylum seekers had fled their country to save their lives, then they should be grateful to still be alive in our Country and not be so demanding, turn a blind eye whenever they; act irrationally and provocative, have no concern nor respect that us Maltese have been doing our best to accommodate them even if there is not even enough room for the Maltese people. Do not ask us to extend our hospitality, because our hospitality has a limit especially when we; the common people are struggling for employment and places to dwell, Malta has a limited amount of space, and is already overcrowded (Which the PL himself whilst in the Opposition has continuously stated and used to attack the previous administration). A FULL open door for immigration is not a wise move for Malta’s economy. Why it is the common people are forgotten after the election fever fades? We the people are the ones that voted for you, the members of parliament to manage and protect our interests, and we feel that this move is doing harm to our Islands and our people causing them to divide and create rivalry and in some cases hate – or as politicians claim as ‘hate speech’. Especially when we; the common people do not live in luxurious areas like Politicians or Rich Individuals do; which most of them live in areas which are not overwhelmed by the influx of illegal immigrants.

We insist on more enforcement on the VISA Policy for Non-EU individuals before incoming our Country; whether by Flight (Airport), or Sea (Ship)… whatever type of incoming terminals that our Country has. A better tracking system should be created and constantly taken care of. If a Non-EU individual plans to TRAVEL or VISIT Malta, then he must provide a valid Maltese Accommodation Address, A Maltese Citizen's Invitation along with this Person's Details Verified and Reason of Invite, Background Check upon the Non-EU Individual including the person who has Legally Sent the Invitation … If the individual does not leave our country after 2-3 Months (for example, or a specific rightful time frame), then he will be contacted by the authorities and re-apply for a visa along with a working permit or residential permit accordingly. Those who come with proper legal documentations, and those who respect and follow any country’s regulations are welcome… but those who do not, are not to be taken lightly – ‘No one likes a rude guest in his house, NO ONE’


Back when the Malta-EU contract of membership was signed, The constitution of our country was not mentioned, nor modified till this present day. Therefore part of Malta’s sovereignty still exists and still is valid, thus can be implemented to safe guard the nation and its citizens when it comes to deportation, repatriation, revoke or deny citizenship due to any criminal record, random background checks, random monitoring, refusal of the asylum seeker title due to the previous remarks and more. The constitution is the supreme law of the land, no other law can override it which means, what both political parties and the greens are doing is against THE LAW like it is against the law they are killing our neutrality (both Sovereignty and Neutrality are clauses which specifically exempts us from being a part of a war (no sides at all) as it’s the only way we could ensure our safety and survival both parties are masquerading with blatant lies which will result in us being involved in another war (history repeats itself) and it’s only the politicians that end up have the profit. They are allowing NATO ships to come in and use our docks, making Malta a direct Target. All this ties down with immigration (if the above does happen) and we are a target, how many “foreigners” in Malta will fight with us or against us…and the tension is already growing. Now if we want to make noise we should be making noise about the Lisbon Treaty (we fight the Lisbon treaty, everything else crumbles and we regain Sovereignty back (we decide what to do, not a bunch of bureaucrats up in Brussels) which is what UKIP in England are doing and 5 Stelle in Italy are doing (we can summon help).

What is illegal, remains illegal… the Facts should not be tempered with, and therefore replace the word ‘illegal’ with ‘irregular’ or any other adjective just to sugar coat it, or make use of the pity strategy.

We refuse to have our constitution mocked; our constitution was funded by our ancestors whom we find great pride in them and what did for our country.

We also would like the EU or the Maltese Gov to provide funds in order for our Soldiers/ Police Officers to be able to protect themselves with proper equipment for such missions and possible contact with infectious diseases or contamination.

Social Benefits/Entitlements:

Malta Community Chest Fund and other Maltese Funds for Maltese Citizens should remain only, and specifically for Maltese Citizens and their Spouses (Non-EU origins), and their Children (from Non-EU origins) but those who have obtained the Maltese Citizenship in any illegal way, should be rejected from the MCCF list of aid – guidance should be provided by the MCCF to help and lead the illegal immigrants/ Non-EU immigrants towards those NGOs or Other Organizations which are provided with EU Funds.

It’s also unfair that EU individuals have to pay to have something done legally, documentations, or studies, etc etc… where as an illegal immigrants gets served with a silver plate. We do admit that the previous Gov administration has opened the door to illegal immigration, but everyone nowadays can see that it is today’s Gov that has left that door fully open and has also opened all of the windows.

It is also unfair to put illegal immigrants Hospital expenses under the Maltese Expense. Because at the end of the day, the Mater Dei and Public Health Sector’s statistics will reflect upon us Maltese Citizens. If there are EU Funds for the Health of these asylum seekers, illegal immigrants, refugees… We want them to be sent to the Private Hospitals and Clinics, so that the EU will pay their Bill... it’s not a matter of discrimination, but we want to know and be sure that our Tax payers’ funds are spent on the Maltese or European citizens. Again, it is unfair for the Gov to claim that it our (Maltese) health care is costing millions to the Gov/Tax payers where as in reality there is no monitoring of who is raising this amount.

Whilst we agree that monitoring those who abuse from Social Benefits and taking proper legal action is the right thing to do, the Gov should also monitor those non-EU citizens who abuse from the system and tax payers too. We also demand that the Gov should encourage his to come forward in reporting both Maltese Citizens who abuse from such grounds, BUT also to encourage more citizens to report abuses from Non-EU/illegal Immigrants rather than giving us a ‘racist’ label or being ignored... We want what is best for our country, and Tax payers.


Back when the PN were in Gov role, the PL pointed out that there were illegal immigrants in the Electoral Registry. And that the PL also made a huge fuss about this deal, we wish to have these revoked with immediate effect.


Under no circumstance should any non-EU individual be given the right to Vote, or run for elections – not even by marriage. Yet if this Non-EU individual get’s married, or obtains the Maltese Citizenship in one legal and ethical way or the other, he or she can qualify for Social Benefits or other Governmental Aid and Support.

Most of us, are offended by last election, as many of the Gov members and candidates got us steamed up against the previous administration over this illegal immigration topics… both during Parliament Sessions, Tv Interviews, Radio Interviews, also upon Home Visits… And yet after winning the General Elections, we have their fingers pointing at us citizens claiming us and giving us the title of RACISTS. In a previous statement by one of the Gov Members, this particular member signified that he or she who causes Public Tension about illegal immigrants is racist or is imposing his racist opinion… Doesn’t that also mean that this Gov and most of his members or candidates where creating the same tension when they were in the opposition role? Therefore even they are the cause, the ignition of Racism?

We also would like to remind any Gov that, if he states that the EU is not helping Malta to get back on it’s feet, please change the EU Contract or Drop It. And if we are in great debt with the EU, do not make any further debt unless it is actually needed to help the MALTESE CITIZENS and not anything material, superficial, or Non EU individuals. Rather than having politicians to increase our country’s deficit in order to make it impossible to cut the chord if the EU Situation gravitates or escalates. We do not want to be anyone’s puppets. And Malta belongs to no one, to no party... To no one except for the Maltese People.

Another idea would be; in the case of a protest by Non-Maltese individuals or communities, we wish that at least they could protest or demonstrate in front of their own Embassies… or Mosques

Loop Holes:

Do not allow any loop holes that Non-EU individuals can easily use to manipulate the law for themselves to see fit. Upon any criteria, and upon any sector which effects the Maltese Communities.


We want all non-Maltese Hawkers off our streets, since they do not own or apply for legal permits

We want all non-Maltese beggars off our streets, since the Maltese Law states that beggars should not be publicly doing so... this counts for the Maltese but also for non-Maltese

Lisbon Treaty – are there any misinformation or false promises?

§ The right to our Sovereignty and Neutrality

§ We demand full transparency about any past, present and future treaties

§ The involvement in a war from other countries with the EU, where do we stand?

§ Why did no one tell us more about the Lisbon Treaty, and provided further updates?

Also, if illegal immigrants wish to go else where… Why is Malta and the EU depriving them of their freedom of movement? Isn’t that also going against Human Rights?

Another constructive point would be, if the Gov really wants to reduce the influx of illegal immigration, then our Government should join forces with the other EU Countries who are suffering alone and are also abandoned by the EU’s support; Italy, Greece, UK. If the justification of any previous and present Maltese Gov was that it finds itself standing alone, then stand united with those who are going through the same situation to be heard under one strong powerful voice... Rather than having our Gov dealing economically/ financially or what other projects and plans lie within these countries of illegal immigrants’ origin.

So please Dear Gov and Dear EU representatives, do not teach the Maltese about something which you two fail in giving example and in following the rules… and do not pass us for fools, or portraying us as back minded people, un-educated, or without manners… As during the pre-elections, every political party has spoke in Honor of us Maltese Citizens with beautiful claims and all of you stated that we should take pride that our Maltese ancestors and descendents honored Malta’s name wherever they went (with documents/ passports) and so now after the General Elections we are slapped with the opposite adjectives right in our faces….

Another blind eye, is when refugees /asylum seekers/ illegal immigrants (which somehow can afford cars, purchasing houses, better material/superficial items than us, and obtain them more quicker than us whom have spent a quarter of our lives in saving and trying to be responsible)
Do not call us of divulging hate speech or lies upon illegal immigrants with the excuse of Infectious Diseases, because at the end of the day even the EU is aware of this fact, we have known the truth, the reality of illegal immigration and yet we were labeled as Racists, Liars, and other infamous adjectives even by your own administration… our whole argument was always about enforcing of law, enforcing protection, enforcing better monitoring both on any illegal immigrants entering without documents etc etc.. Whether they are dark skinned, light skinned, Africans, Somalis, Russians, Libyans, Americans, Mexicans, and more… So how dare, part of your administration accuse us Maltese people to be racists, or xenophobes?

Do not use anymore Maltese Premises belonging to the Maltese Public for use of illegal immigrants such as Schools (when it was the PL itself that insisted we needed more schools for Our kids), St.Lukes (suggesting this location, to prevent any future ideas and any rumors heard)

Do not use the International Law to avoid Deportation, International Law is for every country… Even for Malta and those who are under the EU.

We demand Penalties for those Private and Gov sectors that hire illegal workers, and in defense of the illegal immigrants; we do not want to see large companies using Slavery and Cheap Labor upon these individuals just to save a buck – If the Gov wants to impose the Law on his Common Citizens, then start with setting the example also for those big fish outhere.. Some which might have also appeared in giving support to the Parties in the previous years, and some still recently.

We have elected you, and gave you the full support and trust through out these years even during the Arriva Transport Protest and the ACTA Protest which was encouraged by your members and other PL-known entities were present and also push the letter, we have also supported you in the downfall of the previous administration… Now it’s your time to support us and not to undermine our nation and your own citizens.

Our eyes, ears, mind are open, more than ever before.

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