Tiffany M for GM of the New York Jets

Tiffany Mitchell
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2 Signatures Goal: 100,000

I, Tiffany M, want to become the GM for the New York Jets. I promise to led our team to a Superbowl win for 2014, a winning 2013 season, and to get the best players our team deserves to get the wins. Yes, I know its not all about winning, but yeah it is. I want to have to best offense in the league, get my defense to exceed their potential, and get behind one person who our team can call the leader. I can't be a player (due to the fact I'm a girl), but I can make sure that this year, the year of 2013, will be the victory year for the New York Jets. We have the team, coaches, and the talent, now let's use what we have to get what we want. Who's with me??? And if you are, please allow me to have your vote, and make your voice heard with a signature. Thank you for your time, your vote, and your confidence in me to make the New York Jets a winning team for 2013!!!


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