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The American people are willing to fight for what they believe in. And what we hold true, That is the right for peace and equality. That is the right to live. The unemployed continue to grow largely across the country. Most unemployed at this very moment are collecting unemployment benefits. These very benefits are considered a life line to most unemployed workers. These funds help pay bills such as, Mortgage, Rent, Car notes, Day care, Utilities, Gas, Water, Food, Clothing, well you get the picture. We are all in need at some point in time. And the time is now more than ever. The economy isn't turning around as quickly as desired. The job market isn't opening up at an alarming rate. There are still those that are not employed but have been day in and day out looking for work, and any type of work for that matter with no luck. Jobs seem to be scarce these days. There are 1 out of 6 jobs available for every person applying for an open position. To think that there are millions of Americans unemployed and face the devastating fact of their unemployment benefits are nearing the end is unthinkable. As there will unfortunately be thousands more unemployed before the end of 2010. We cannot afford to continue to go any further into this depression with this country. We all do what we are supposed to do as U.S citizens daily because we are proud of our country. Why can't Washington do the same? why is it that the very people who get out there and vote these people into office get any help. Yes I am talking about the American people! us, we, them. Yes us. We have gone through many ups and downs and torture as to whether or not the unemployment would be extended month after month. Here we are back in the same boat three months later. As for the long term unemployed have been out of work for 26 weeks to 99 weeks. We stand on tier 4 of the unemployment extension. Most have come to the end of the tier as we speak. And for some, they may have only a matter of a week to a few weeks before the end of the tier for them. Those that are on tier 4 of the unemployment benefits program are staring down a dark road ahead. One that entails hunger, homelessness, deep depression. and many other losses.This will cause the unemployed to fall off of the rolls. Is that what we really want? this isn't encouraging the unemployed to keep their heads up and continue looking for work. And the ability to maintain a home as well as provide for their family's . This is telling them that "well we're sorry but your time is up and you deal with it". This can not go on. A tier 5 possibly 6 needs to be added to the extension bill. If you want congress to consider the American people for a change. Then ask congress for extra weeks to be added to the current unemployment extension bill. You too have a voice. please sign this petition.

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