THQ, please make a game more like MX 2002 Feat. Ricky Carmichael

Eric  Schumacher
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This is a petition for THQ to stop making unrealistic and crappy ATV VS ATV series, and to focus there efforts on making a more realistic AMA motocross game that would have actual licensed riders such as Chad Reed, and Ryan Dungee. It would offer licensed dirt bikes such as Kawasaki, and Honda. most importantly it would offer REAL Motocross tracks such as Spring creek, Glen Helen, South wick, and would have both motocross and super cross(indoor arena) tracks. this game would have a better game play, and something similar to the way MX 2002, but with newer concepts of next generation gameplay. It would have two player split screen as a must and must have online multiplayer. this game would focus more on the aspect of racing and less on stunt freestyle. while i think the game should offer freestyle stunt tracks, offer them as bonus fun unlockables. THQ, please listen up.




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