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Discontinue Health Regeneration on Log-in

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Dear RMS, We come before you as loyal Monstersgame members. We enjoy the game that you have created very much and appreciate the time and effort you have given forth in updating the new servers. However, recently we\'ve learned of one update that until Fri Jun 06, 2008 at 6:14 pm was not public knowledge, at least to the majority of dedicated players. We learned that one can log out at 1 hp and not regenerate their health until logging back in. This creates a problem for many reasons, which I will expand upon in this letter. Firstly, is the issue of farming, which this update was undoubtedly trying to prevent. We believe that not only does this encourage farmers, but it actually makes their jobs easier. Anyone can make a farm account. Let\'s say they\'re level 20. They do safeties on the farm account and do manhunts and get great loot. When done, they use the main account to attack the farm account. Then, since the main account is so high the farm is taken to 1 hp. Then they put the farm account to graveyard and log off. At login the next day, hp will only regenerate when they log in, meaning nobody was able to attack them in 12 (or 24 or whatever) hours. They do a safety right away and keep going. Nobody but them will ever be able to attack their farm account this way, nobody will ever know that it is a farm account, nobody will ever get any money from it, because nobody will be able to attack it. No one will ever get suspicious about it and nobody will get a chance of reporting it, so they can keep going forever. Furthermore, if you wished to make it so that only the farm account owner was targeting their own account this would not be the case. A smart farmer will leave their account open to be attacked once and a while to decrease suspicion and try to look like the average hoarder. Cheating will continue with or without this update, so therefore the claim that this will stop cheating is moot. Therefore I progress to how this is affecting your members. The most obvious is the war strategy, which is now null with this update. Say I entered into a war with my clan. I do all the fights, attack everyone in the enemy clan which is lower than me, then I attack the top player opposite my race to take my hp to 1. Then, I go to graveyard and log off. When I come back, nobody was able to attack me in those 12 hours, I lost no fight in the war and I can go back to attacking people in the enemy clan. I won\'t lose ANY fight in that war. I can attack levels lower than me, but no enemy higher than me in that clan can attack me, because my HP never regenerates until I come back and do a safety right away! If this war strategy becomes common, there will be no point to war any longer. Aside from wars, when we attack someone and he is under 25 hp, with the new updates you have to search for him again and obviously pay again for another attempt. If that person is abusing this hp regeneration update, it means we can keep attacking him and losing money in this process indefinitely, because he simply doesn\'t log for 24 hours. So if people keep doing this we\'re wasting plenty of time and effort. Framing could also become a problem. The Monstergame Administration has warned us on multiple occasions that if we hit the farm accounts we\'re just as much at risk for deletion as the creator of said farm account. This is extremely unfair because we are not omniscient beings that can pick farms out of the sea of players. Yes, if we see level 20\'s with stats all at five and with a very high gold lost, and very little wins it\'s obvious. But what farmers are really that naive to think they can farm that obviously and not get caught Not very many. So we should not be held responsible for hitting farms, especially when we don\'t have the Intel to detect them Also, say a farmer has a vendetta to fill, as tends to happen in this game. He could make an account, stack it with gold, and then hit a member he dislikes, that he knows he\'ll lose from. If he does this repeatedly, using a proxy server and never letting anyone else loot from his farm, he can make it appear that a completely innocent person is cheating. And then that person would be deleted and be cheated out of all that time and effort. Administration has deleted many accounts for suspected farming without suspension or an explaination, something we, as members are very displeased with. We spend hundreds of dollars, endorsing your company and playing this game. We do not do so for our accounts to be deleted without just cause. We don\'t like throwing money out the window any more than the next person. This petition, and the signatures you see are all from people who are concerned with the campaign to stop farmers. Do we want them gone Of course. But we think that it can be handled in a way that does not hurt your devoted members. If the health regeneration upon log-in is not corrected, so that game play can be fun once again I fear you will be losing both members and their premium tickets. I hope that our concerns will fall on open minds, and that you can look at this from your members perspective. I\'m sure you will make a decision that everyone can live, and play with. - MG members who signed and support this petition


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