This petition is for the establishment of a park for the protection and preservation of existing urban features for future generations.

James Byers
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This petition is for the establishment of a park for the protection and preservation of existing urban features for future generations. As you are aware, the first nation parks were created to preserve the splendor of America’s natural wonders. As the park system grew it began to protect not only natural wonders but also historic places and places of recreational value.

Philadelphia's JFK Plaza, popularly known as LOVE Park, is the brainchild of former Philadelphia City Planner Edmund Bacon and architect Vincent Kling. Its beautiful design connects the City Hall complex to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The skateboarding culture that its unique design spawned has been a focal point of Philadelphia's international reputation for over a decade.

Unfortunately, despite its international fame and ability to attract youthful energy and interest in the City, it has been illegal to skateboard in LOVE Park since 1995. In 2001, amendments were added to increase fines and scope of the existing ban; enforcement of the skateboarding ban was stepped up significantly thereafter.

While this is unfortunate and in need of examination by the city, this is not the cause I bring to you today.

In the summer of 2002, an attempt was made to render LOVE "unskateable": a facelift that blocked access to the most popular skateboarding areas within the plaza. Similarly, the famed skate spot in back of City Hall was recently destroyed in city hall renovations.

While we can’t expect development to stop completely, we have to stop mass destruction, especially mass destruction at the hand of the state. Actions must be taken or the urban, street and DIY spots will not be around for our children to inherit. As we are not building this nation for a generation alone, I urge that you take this request under consideration.

We urge for the immediate creation of Philadelphia Skateboarding State Park to;

A- protect the history of Philadelphia’s rich skateboarding heritage and

B- preserve the natural street skating venues and created urban landscapes for future generations.

We have laid out several areas that we believe would benefit both the future generations and the state. Those locations include but are not limited too;

FDR Park
Municipal Park
Pops Park
Paine’s Park
Spots at Temple University
Spot at Huntingdon (under the train station)
Three Block
Whitehall Skate Park
DYI Spots Located Throughout the City

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has to expand its parks. With a changing nation, our parks too much change to reflect the ideals and philosophies of the people. So many extraordinary skate areas have been destroyed simply for the sake of rending them "unskateable.” A state so rich in history must be able to appreciate that destruction of a culture is simply not acceptable. As of know, many of these areas are technically illegal and are extraordinarily vulnerable. Please help to legalize and preserve our rich legacy.

Pennsylvania is accredited with more firsts than can be counted. The time has come once again for Pennsylvania to set a precedent and lead our nation forward.




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