This is the way! to a TVC Mandalorian Razor Crest!

Sooka  Mklaren
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Let’s show our love and enthusiasm for The Mandalorian on Disney+! Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni along with all the brilliant cast, has reinvigorated Star Wars fans, old and new. It's the hottest series streaming! and even hotter with the merchandise. We love everything Mando! it's in Demando!
We really want Hasbro to make a TVC *The Vintage Collection* (HasLab or not) Razor Crest. Din Djarin's signature bounty hunting ship. It should be big and beautiful, seats for Mando, Cara and of course The Child. Give us an Ammo closet, landing gear, and a Carbon freeze hold! Hasbro, you make great vehicles, do what you do best!

For the fans nodding in agreement! sign this petition, tell Hasbro we want the Razor Crest and we want it now!! Whether you can do it with out Haslab or not, we want it! If the brilliant folks at Hasbro already have this one the table, let this petition be the nudge towards getting done! A shoutout to everyone from Production, cast and crew. We love you and we love the show! THIS IS THE WAY



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