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This is how 14 years of hard work, being Drug Free,selling used DVDs (bought and paid for) got me deemed a drug dealer and destroyed 14 years in a day

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Manifest this inside your cerebral cortex.For Not Selling Drugs it cost my family roughly $10,000. For a $7,000 lawyer for Not Selling drugs,with his job being finished and still owing around $4,468. Behind on my house over $8,000 and still going up...That's a lot of freaking money for Not Selling Drugs...For Not Selling Drugs and Being BONDED out I lose that money for something that never
Happened.. For doing my job and Selling Used DVDs I lost a years worth of checks I could have had and any overtime.. I lost the ability to obtain unemployment as well, all for something that never happened and for what they did not know anything about. Oh yeah 14 years at work and I'm fired for something that never happened....

You spend your life working hard (since turning 18 years of age)for a living,being drug free and passing every drug test. What was all that Hard work for? I mean really? When selling used DVDs to a worker that came along that wasn't a full time employ or a employ of that factory you've worked years for.. They took the word of a single person with no real evidence against me. It was all false and lies. When hiring a informant, who is responsible when the informant lies and falsify evidence?? You're losing your home, your daughters home and debt $30,000+ for nothing that really happened. Apparently it's not safe to sell DVDs or any day to day item without someone falsifying what has been sold to them..
They all lied from the very beginning with audio and video turned into just audio that was so low graded you can barely tell what's going on just inquiring about the DVDs I had for sale. A photo on the phone that looked like they used a photo editor to try and cover it up. I should know I edit photos all the time..Being thrown in a jail cell for the first time ever and for something that never happened. Someone should be held accountable when they hire someone that has nothing to sue for or the person they hired is in Jail...

With their Negligence,False Allegations and failure to take proper care in doing something correctly.

On the night of April 14th 2014, while at work, After 14 years at work I was arrested for a crime I did not commit. I was fired from my job as a result of that arrest, and the damages I have suffered are nearly immeasurable. I was never given a chance to face my accuser; the court simply threw my case out. However, throwing my case out has not hit a magical reset button. I now face losing my home, huge financial debt and emotional scars as a result.

When I was arrested at work, I was in complete shock and disbelief. I cannot express strongly enough, the emotional strain and embarrassment it has brought to me and my family. When the officer told me the crime I was accused of, was selling drugs, I immediately knew that a mistake had been made. I tried to, to no avail; explain to the officers that I not only have never sold drugs, but that I don't do drugs. While being interrogated by the officers,they showed me a photo of her that looked like she got arrested but 'tried' using a photo editor to cover it up and they said they had both audio and video evidence of me selling drugs to an undercover agent/informant. I felt like I was in an episode of The Twilight Zone, it was all just so surreal.

That “evidence” later turned out to be nothing more than two audio clips, which were of such a bad quality, all you could make out was me discussing DVD’s (Movies). There was nothing on the audio tapes to even suggest “drugs”, let alone selling drugs. It also turned out that the undercover agent/informant was nothing more than smoke and mirrors. She never once showed up to any of the court dates. Also, it was well known she was a drug user/pusher at the factory where we were both employed. The only interaction I ever had with her, was selling her a tattoo machine and some used DVDs. To be honest her behavior at work made me uncomfortable, and I mostly tried to avoid her.

This was the evidence that the City of Manchester, Tennessee Police Department used against me, in order to obtain a warrant for my arrest. My question is; if a Judge must approve a warrant based upon reasonable evidence of guilt, how could my case later be thrown out of court? Where was this significant evidence, or reasonable assumption of guilt? Where is the oversight with issuing warrants? People’s lives, including my own, are being ruined carelessly.

I was innocent, they had no evidence against me, yet I was arrested. I’ve lost the job I had been employed at since the age of eighteen. It did not make a difference that the case against me was thrown out and the charges dropped. Even if I could go back to work at my previous place of employment, I would have to start from the beginning. All of my benefits and time earned is lost. I owe lawyers, banks, and family members money. I must now file for bankruptcy, and possibly lose my home. I owe child support that I was unable to pay after losing my job and being turned down for unemployment. I’ve tried to find gainful employment during this ordeal, but I’ve had very little luck. It’s hard to find a good job when you have been arrested as a suspected drug dealer; people assume you must be guilty.

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