Some medical professionals’ should be punished for their wrongdoing. Our little angels' should be treated as humans because "their lives matter", too

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I am a first time mother that lost my son after being misdiagnosed and given care that did not abide with the Standard of Care for Obstetrics. Meanwhile, the doctor in the case fled no less than two months later to another state. I believe if a doctor has done wrong; regardless, if they are from the state the wrongdoing was done they should not be allowed to leave the state; until the statute of limitation has expired for the wrongdoing they did. An example would be like a medical malpractice case, which have a 2-year statute of limitation. This would mean after two years the doctor would be free to leave the state but with some type of indication allowing other states to see it on the medical professional record, there should be something to follow them.

This is a two part petition

Part A: It should also be required that a women be kept 24 to 48 hours in the hospital and watched closely.

This is when a woman come to any hospital, emergency room or doctor office complaining of complications that have anything to do with possible preterm labor issues. The woman should be immediately admitted and her doctor should take it serious and as a life threatening situation.

Part B: I am asking you to sign a petition that would change the medical professional decision for a doctor to abide within a state when they committ a wrong.such as misdiagnosing a patient, starting with my state of Alabama.

I am asking for the decision to state that medical professionals' must stay in the state, at least until the statute of limitation for the wrong doing has expired. I am also asking for this law to be called (Khairi's Law)

This law would help and save so many women lives complaining of a preterm labor or labor issue to be admitted into the hospital immediately, since medical professionals are not GOD and can't make a 100 percent decision about the life of an infant they should at least take it serious and life threatening at any stage.



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