put the wonder years on dvd

dorian smith
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the wonder years is one of the greatest shows in the 80's and the 90's. it won emmys and golden globes. but the show didn't release on dvd. they release two dvds, the best and the christmas. but it out of print. i want the show on dvd. why the show wasn't release on dvd, because of music issues. i want shout! factory to release the show on dvd. i love shout! factory. they made very awesome dvds. they release freaks and geeks, undeclared, spin city, my two dads, the dana carvey show, punky brewster and more. which all of them didn't release on dvd. and here my ideas of the special features so shout! factory put them on dvd. i want shout! factory to do a documentary of the show with interviews with the cast, the creators, the writers and the directors. do dvd commentaries on every episodes with the cast, the creators,the writers and the directors. if you a fan of the show,please please please please please please please please sign my petition please please please please please please.




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