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Kitty Abrams
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This a petition to reinstate the most awesome manager The Pet Company in the Danbury Fair Mall ever had! We were doing so well then she left and Chris Cormier became manager, she was doing well at first but now it seems to be going down the crapper, and fast! Her employees; more so sales, are being threatened to be fired because they cant do what she isn't trying to do, because it can't be done absolutely her way. She cuts their hours and gives them to herself and her "pet" worker. She wonders why no one can sell. She isn't a great person to work with, the environment when she's there is awful. She is not meant to be a manager and I and others will not stand for it anymore. Since job finding is so hard now, we need this job, to be threatened because our management is crap and lazy as hell, is unfair. To favor an employee who isn't a manager of any kind and give them most of the hours is unfair. To fire someone over a text message because "we have no hours for him" and turn around and tell others he is not welcomed there and is disliked is unprofessional and unfair! To be told to do 4 different things at the same time while she eats behind the counter and do some paperwork and looks lazily off into space is not right! When Stephanie Petruccelli was manager and even district manager, we never had this problem. We loved where we were and what we did. We didn't regret coming into work, when working with her. Even if she was in a bad mood, we understood if she may take something out on us, we tried our best to cheer her up though. She was fun but at the same time was a boss. You shouldn't have to be scared to come into work wondering if you were fired just because the manager could do that. You shouldn't have to hate working where you are. Working with animals/puppies is great! Having a manager who isn't a total "mega bitch", is even better! The majority of store #28 (Danbury), wants her back and reinstated to being our manager! We love her and miss her! The store needs her! We don't need a power-hungry person who dares to threaten our jobs. If there was any way for us to have her back, we would do it! Sign if you agree and believe whole-heartedly that she is needed and appreciated beyond anything!




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