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We the undersigned are calling upon our elected representitives to fullfill their constitional obligation to ensure public safety.To carry out their required duties to provide for the common defense & promote the general welfare. We request an immediate decree of fedral jurisdiction in all kidnaping crimes in the United States and,enforce the death peanalty,without exception,in ALL convictions.To be imposed in a swift & expident manner.Furthermore we demand that no plea bargins be made with kidnappers. In order to abolish this heinous crime.Therefore eliminating a mortal threat to society. Confident we are within our constitional rights to request this of you. We feel it our patoritic duty to do so and,yours to do it. The Dept. of Justice reports that over 55,000 children go missing each year. Every 40 seconds a person is reported missing. More than half of these are stranger abductions. 75% of victims will be killed within 3 hours of abduction.Nearly all are sexually abused & or, killed. 2000 children EVERY DAY !!! We HAVE to stop this nightmare NOW !!! We can't keep ignoring the problem in hopes that it will just go away, it won't! These numbers are staggering & unacceptable. It's not justice we are seeking as, there is no justice here. We seek only to rid society of the vile evil that preys on humanity.We have no other choice but, to allow 0 tolorance to persons guilty of restraining another persons civil liberties. It is our legal & moral responsiablitiy as intelligent adults to protect the civil liberties of every American citizen. "If you expect to reap the benifeits of freedom,then you must be willing to undergo the fatigue of supporting it."(Thomas Payne)


Barbara Lindley&Brandon Chappell, in memory of Curtiss Rau.


Citing constitutional bill of attainer right to ensure public safety. All statistics can be verified on the Department Of Justice website. Along with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. "We the people are the rightful masters of congress & the courts,not to overthrow the constitution but, to overthrow men who prevert the constitutaion."(Abrahm Lincoln)
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