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WHEREAS there HAVE BEEN a LONG Train of Abuses & Usurpations transpire AGAINST America's Constitution, WHEREAS encroachments on God-Given Liberites and Rights HAVE BEEN made (via Social Security, Mediacaid, Medicare, Welfare, Public Education, Bail-outs, Stimulus bills, Government TAKE-OVER of the PRIVATE Sector/FREE Market, OPPRESSIVE Taxation, The Federal Reserve, The IRS...), WHEREAS The Left in the DNC, MSM & R.I.N.O.S HAVE BEEN engaged in DELIBERATELY UNDERMINING AND SUBVERTING THE CONSTITUTION, WHEREAS The Left/Liberals HAVE BEEN working DELIBERATELY to undermine, weaken and otherwise render INeffective The U.S. Military & Intell Communities, WHEREAS The Left/Liberals HAVE BEEN tirelessly working to SUBVERT JUSTICE and to DERAIL THE RULE OF LAW in America via the appointment of Liberal/Marxist, i.e. ANTI-Constitutional & ANTI-American Justices, WHEREAS The Left/Liberals HAVE BEEN deliberately working to undermine America's Founding Fathers, Founding Documents, The Family, Church, Charities and Traditional Institutions, and Traditional Values, WHEREAS Liberals/The Left HAVE BEEN LONG engaged in TREASONISTS, SUBVERSIVE acts, LET IT BE KNOWN THIS DAY OF OUR LORD, that I, do 100% devote my energies, time, liveliehood and LIFE to the 100% EXPULSION OF ALL NON-CONSERVATIVES FROM EVERY OFFICE AND SEAT OF POWER locally, state and federal. LET IT BE KNOWN that to do otherwise is to acquience TO The Left/Liberals the HEART AND SOUL of America and America's Constitution...to which I can not and will not be party to. Patriots, men and women who hunger for LIBERTY- BE FOUND DOING ALL YOU CAN IN AND FOR THE CAUSE OF LIBERTY, JUSTICE AND THE RULE OF LAW! When the Day of Accounting comes, and it IS coming, whose side will YOU be found on

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