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To Stop the murdering of Migrating Birds!

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In order for this to be stopped WE must have 1,000,000 Signatures to get this to a public vote! This is the only way WE can stop This! It will force our state and federal congress to take recoginition in what a horrid offense it is to kill OUR Migrating Birds and Morning Doves! This Petition is to Stop, once and for all, the people that shoot these lovely creatures from the sky. Migrating Birds, and Song Birds (morning doves)! Many of them fly over 6,200 miles to get to a place that is warm and to eat and live. Put your Guns and Cross-Bows away! The Birds are intelligent and are much more of a life form than The mindless, ignorant, people who have the nerve to call this a SPORT may ever understand! We have elected many government people, State as well as Federal that take part in this senseless slaughter as well! So the only logical choice here, is for us, as a people who believe these Birds should be allowed to live can make it happen on OUR own! I am beyond convinced that WE out number these uneducated people, therefore we can stop this! I am calling for State and Federal Legislation to stop this sensless killing. It requires one million signatures to bring this to a vote, for each state. We can do this a state at at a time or perhaps one or more of you, good people with good heart, may already know someone in state or federal Government that has the back-bone and heart to present this crusade into legislation! What these mindless, heartless people are doing is WRONG! the two links below are short videos, to show ALL, the outright murder of these lovely creatures that fill out skies and forests! We can, as a people, a whole people,bring this perversion to a halt! Copy and paste links into your browser please. 1. www.video.hsus.org/ (The United States Humane Society) "Dove Shooting: A Grisly Hunt Waging War on the Bird of Peace!" 2. http://www.youtube.com/watchv... (This is just plain Murder!) The law I want in place is quite simple. First offense a $250.000 fine and or up to 5 Years in a Federal or State penatentiary. NOTICE! * Some folks have said that electronic petitions hold no legal weight. If we get one million verified signatures and present this to our legislators,and the media The act of turning away from us, will be redundant! WE CAN DO THIS!* warmly, and with respect, Michael P. Cox http://www.thebirdwhisperer.or...


"The Coalition to Stop the Murdering of Migrating Birds and Morning Doves. (Mourning Doves)."


www.hsus.org http://www.thebirdwhisperer.or...
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