Abolish the 13th Amendment

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This is a protest petition to abolish the "Slavery,except as punishment of crime clause of the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Our aim is to raise signatures to move toward a ballot initiative to amend the 13th Amendment.We believe the,"Slavery nor involuntary servitude,except as punishment of crime" clause,acts as a "great enabler" ,used to relegate U.S citizens into a 2nd class citizenship "caste" system analogous to Jim Crow era discrimination. We believe that the 13th Amendment,as originally drafted,fails in it's intent to outlaw slavery,in all it's forms,and as written,enables various institutions,to exploit captive sources of free labor for profit and control. Just as vagrancy laws were used to "re-enslave"newly freed slaves,post emancipation,we the undersigned believe that the laws used to brand citizens "felons"(ie;slaves),thus revoking many the right to vote,serve on juries,or receive equal political representation under the law,is unconstitutional,violating both the 14th and 15th amendments. This petition seeks to undo all levels of legal/institutionalized slavery,in all its forms,within the U.S. or it's borders!




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