The use of Drone surviellance and Drone strikes in the United States of America and all across the entire world.

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The American people want a stop to the Drone Strikes in the Middle East and all over the world. We the poeple, want an end to the illegal use of Drone Surviellance on the United States as we have the right to privacy (per the 4th Amendment) and any use of Drones for surviellance must be directed or granted by the courts and judicial branch of the federal governement and will follow the same laws, legal limits and guidelines as a search warrant. To ban the use of all Drone Strikes on any country, unless in declared time of war which would be approved by congress (specified by the constitution) and only in the most dire need as a last resort in a time of war.

Thousands of innocent people are being killed in the Middle East including men, women and children. It is part of a foundation, we have given other to countries to hate America. Potentially making our lives more in danger and at a higher risk for a counter attack or terrorist attack. Otherwise refered to as "Blowback". It is immoral and unwarranted for anyone not found guilty of a crime to be attacked or killed by these Drone strikes in any part of the world. American or not. For every innocent life we take, another person, who remained neutral on his stance toward our country has changed his mind and has begun to hate our country men, as if we (the American people) carried out the order of the Drone strikes ourselves. People do not have wars with each other. Governements do. People just fight the wars. Also, we have the right to privacy and protection from unreasonable and unfounded search and seizure. Drone Surveillance is no exception and if it is found there is no probable cause and no search warrant, the use of Drone Surveillance should be illegal and have laws and punishments laid out for those who misuse these Drones for these reasons. Drones however have already been created and can be used for good for surviellance in a declared time of war but should only be for physical strikes as a last resort and must be approved by congress.


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