The taxes for those making less than $250,000, the politicians need to act now!

brian koerner
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Very simple, with out continuing the tax levels for someone like my self , who lives on a fixed income. Those increases will probably force me to food stamps, have less money for transportation, and of course kill my dream of finding a better place to live, Isn't odd the Republicians are so worried about those who have so much or even the extremest in their own party. They talk caring about someone like myself. But I know better, I hope you know too. Sign my petition, the more I can get to sign, I dream it will wake those scared politicians to do something right. You know the Republicans are scared, they wouldn't even ratified a treaty, even close friends of Sen. Dole voted no. So sad. this petition needs to be signed, we have to wake up those you know who wear horse blinders. Common people is the strength of this fine country. Please sign, I beg you. Obama needs all the help right now. Lets give it to him. Thank You



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