School Committee for the Hudson Public Schools: Withdraw Brian Davis as School Committee representative to the 2014 Hudson High School Graduation

Hudson Parents
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Dear Chairwoman Dunnell -

We, the parents of the Hudson Public School students, insist that the School Committee retract its selection of Brian Davis as their representative to Hudson High School’s 2014 graduation. A Hudson High School graduation ceremony serves as the culminating event in the long and proud career of our school’s students, twelve years marked by a commitment to academic achievement and the fulfillment of our district’s core values of “high expectations for students’ ethical, civic, and social development.”

Committee member Davis’s run-ins with the law are captured in police records and his episodes of belligerence matters of public knowledge. His character stands in stark contrast to the model citizens we raise our children to be, and that our children’s teachers and other public servants strive to nurture.

In choosing Mr. Davis, the School Committee has displayed egregious lack of judgment and deep insensitivity to the sanctity and spirit of this public ceremony.

As an elected body of public officials, the School Committee is accountable to the will of the parents of the Hudson Public Schoolchildren, who demand that Mr. Davis be withdrawn from the ceremony and replaced with somebody whose character aligns with the values of our proud school system.

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