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The Poor Kids and Families

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Have you every thought about the people that get separated from their family? I strongly believe that this is not fair because nearly 26 million refugees around the world, are under the age of 18 and they are forced to leave their families behind.They are forced to flee from their homes because of war, crisis and safety reasons.I firmly believe that this should stop right way! I think that the government should look into it to this to help stop this tragic event.

It must be agreed that it is not fair that refugees loss the right to education just because a crisis in the country they lived in and 3.7 million refugees children are out of school which is not fair at all this must stop!Every kid needs education so they can follow their dreams. Just because a war or safety reasons happened to them without their control and I can't get an education that is just insane. Do you think that every kid should have education?

I strongly believe that 100,000 refugees in one camp is not good for kids and parents/adults but why probably because kids should have a good amount of food. the camp there is not that much food for 100,000 people sometimes in families like the hariri family the parents give the kids all the food if there is not enough food for everyone.Kids at the age at 10 need kinda a lot of meat if they are not a vegetarian because of the protein that is good for kids so that is why the hariri family probably why they give the kids the food and why most families do that in refugee camps.Adults also need food but not as much as kids adults can survive with no food for a week but for a kid that would probably not be the same which is why 100,000 refugees in one camp is not good for kids and parents/adults. Do you think it is safe for all the kids and parents at the camps?

I firmly believe that having a third a refugees come from only 5 countries:Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Myanmar is insane. I think this is because that means that in those 5 countries, the government does not care. Some evidence is: in syria the ruler is bad by starting the war in Syria be killing and arresting protesters because they arrested and killed one of the a 15 year old school boys for writing graffiti inspired by the Arab spring and then the war broke out in syria. Do you like that this is fair for the poor Syrians?

I hope i have gave you enough information to raise a awareness please pass the message on to other people.My propose was for you to pass on the message and so i can inform you about this disaster.my goal is to get 50 signatures lets all take action!

By Hamza

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