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The pledge to stop bullying

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Bullying means to use force against someone, online or offline, in benefit of the bully. Bullying can be physical or verbal and is recurring.

Pulling someone down will never help you reach the top.

By signing this petition you are pledging that you:

1. Will not bully

2. Will stand up for victims / won't be a bystander

3. Will try your best to provide emotional support to victims

By signing you have joined the immense community who want to put bullying to and end.

Spread the word; share this with your friends and family.

What to do if you are being bullied:

  1. Walk away from the bully
  2. If the bully keeps on bullying tell them to stop
  3. If it goes on then tell the bully how the bullying makes you feel, tell the bully that you will tell a teacher if it continues
  4. If the bully just won't stop then tell a teacher

If you get bullied online then report the bully and/or block them.

Please ignore the donating page that come on after you sign, any money that is donated will go to ipetitions.com not us. (why would we want your money anyway?)

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