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All who add their names here agree that we can find no good in the current court case Jackson vs. AEG, and want to see the case withdrawn.  Michael Jackson now belongs to HIStory, it is time to let the man rest in peace, honor his memory, and support, not tear down, his artistic legacy.

HONOR the words that he strived for when he said “All for LOVE”.  L.O.V.E.  Take care of his children, not this lawsuit.  CHOOSE love, mercy and forgiveness instead.

 Some accusations against the company are familiar because we have seen them come from the Jackson family over the years, so we are shocked by this hypocrisy.  The family’s BEST chance to recover some respect from the public is to stop this lawsuit.  Give yourselves the chance to stop the withering of public support of Jackson family adults. 

 This trial is worse than any tabloid exposure Michael ever feared.  The company has yet to start their case, and we have already seen him “thrown under the bus” and “dragged through the mud”.  We are baffled at how this shows love and respect?

 Fans are pitted against each other and cursing at our “Royal family”, the public is wondering why this case is ongoing, “Greed” being the word often used.  Read the comments after any online article about this case, people are angry.  “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord” when you do it yourself it only creates negativity - anger, fear, hatred, sadness and sickness.

 The young Prince has spoken, so finally it makes some small sense.  The quote from Michael that “They are going to kill me”, is what he wanted to say.  For the statement to have weight, it needs evidence to back it up.

Your own side has just provided the sleep deprivation expert to tell us that he was killing himself slowly with the Propofol, so of course he FELT that he was not well, and was worried, ANY request at that point would be overwhelming.  The conspiracy you want to find – that the Dr. was paid by the company to “do him in” does not exist.  More than enough testimony came out at the Dr.’s trial to the contrary; it is SCARY that none of you paid any attention.  These guys are only guilty of being the ones still standing when this happened.

 You didn’t like the answers, so are hoping for different ones by returning to court, and creating your own damage in the process.  So far your case has proven not much, really.  All it amounts to is a pile of minutiae; often it seems to be helping the opposing side make its case.

 We worry about Michael being pushed and stressed, but that was very common.

 WHAT exactly could the company guys do to prolong his life?  They could have NEVER guessed that Propofol was involved, and if they did, they would not have any way to know what to do about it.  They are not rehab superheroes, they are not the SWAT team to storm the building to find out what is going on, they are not sleep deprivation experts. 

 If they had “supervised” and “investigated” the Dr., so what?  Michael was trying to recruit even non-medical personnel to “help” him; he was stubborn and determined to continue.  Anyone not going along with the program was OUT in a hurry and then it would be someone new to investigate.

How have you decided which Michael to listen to?  There is a lot about this case in his book “Moonwalk” from 1988.  He actually never promised to tell the truth or speak the truth; the quote at the end says that the truth is in the art.  So why not listen to THAT Michael? 

 How about:  “It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or who’s right”, “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change”, “Heal the World, Make it a Better Place”, “We can change the world, (I can’t do it by myself)” (from Cry), “Don’t point the finger” (from Another Part of Me), “Lift me up slowly, carry me boldly, show me you CARE” (from Will You Be There).

How about all the songs about how much he HATES to be exposed:  “Leave Me Alone”, “Price of Fame”, “Tabloid Junkie”, “Privacy”, “Why You Wanna Trip on Me”.   

 This case is very similar to the false accusations against Michael.  The EVIDENCE has shown Michael to be innocent of what sent him to trial, a juror came out to say:  “We expected them to show us something, but they didn’t.”  Surely the jurors in this case will say the same. 

 The first child to accuse Michael had been drugged at the dental office, and then his father got the “confession”.  Right now if you search for the DA’s name, corruption comes up often.  In the case that went to trial, the mother was famous for bringing lawsuits for “fun and profit”.  We can ONLY rely on evidence, not finger pointing.  Negativity creates negativity; this is seen as a shake down; so more are willing to do the same to you.

 We have some hints that the public is growing cold at best.  LA City Council voted 10-0 in favor of AEG to run the LA Convention Center, doesn’t look like they believe they are evil.  BET Experience full newspaper page coverage plus another half in pictures, not one mention or listing of “The Jacksons”, fan tweets from the event –couldn’t find any.  Las Vegas opening of Cirque’s new “Michael Jackson ONE” any Jackson adults that attended, no news wants to cover it.

 Fellow fans, citizens, taxpayers, parents, VIPs - NOW is the time to voice your opinion, ask the Jackson family to save themselves – from themselves, do not wait to be outraged by the verdict.

Please add your name with global location & ID such as “MJ fan”, “public” or “parent” and leave a RESPECTFUL message.  Thank You.  Created July 4, 2013



Links   A good overview article of the trial  A musical message from Michael - (YouTube poster is not related to this petition)  283 comments, many unkind, lets you know what people are thinking




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