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The people of the United States Of America Vs. Barack Obama

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Comes now, the people of the United States Of America, in order to form a more perfect union, do hereby seek to charge Barrack Hussein Obama. personally and along with his administration, in violations which include various crimes against the people there in….Our intention is to bring a class action civil suit against Mr. Obama and his administration for crimes against the American people, which include but not limited to the following….
A) Failure to provide proper documentation to assume the office of President of the United States.
B) Misallocation of government funds.
C) Failure to uphold the laws of the United States Of America.
D) Failure to uphold and defend the Constitution Of The United States.
And various violations against the American peoples civil and constitutional rights, such as violations of amendments 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 10….just to name a few…
We seek to form a group willing to join us in this endeavor….. of course it will take quite a few to get this started and interest an attorney…. This is what we have been waiting on…its legal, its peaceful, it's effective, and we don’t need congress to do it….all we need is you….we need people willing to stand and speak, if your tired of what Obama is doing to our country, then stand with us and say so…. if you’re sick of the lawlessness then stand, and say so, if you’re tired of them not protecting your country, then stand, if your tired of them giving your country away, then stand, or if you’re tired of the waste, tired of them turning their backs on our allies, then stand…and say so….we are people…not dogs…we are human, not sheep…stand for your country, and show them, there is a way….Join this event and we together will charge his ass and sue him for his last penny. I‘m talking about a class action suit....sueing him personally, the people...with their own attorney

There will be no need to pay the attorney.. if your sending money TO OTHERS, they are wasting it...an attorney will take this case on commission.....for a case like this you have to sue for damages...and the damages to the people is great.....the attorney will be happy to take it on commission....
Its up to the people...if we work together...and stop counting on them to do whats right...we can take our country back...if we keep trying to force the government to do something...we will loose

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