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The Originals: The Complete Fifth & Final Season on Blu-Ray!

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ATTENTION (!): ALL FANS & FRIENDS of TheCW’s hit television series THE VAMPIRE DIARIES & THE ORIGINALS! We need your HELP! Recent sources have claimed that Warner Brothers has decided that they are NOT going to release “THE ORIGINALS: The Complete Fifth & Final Season” on Blu-Ray!

Last year, the fans of TheCW’s The Originals, the first spin-off series to the parent show The Vampire Diaries, faced a similar panic as we are now at this current moment. At the last minute, Warner Brothers put together a Blu-Ray release of the complete fourth season at the request of the fans when originally they had intended not to. Personally speaking, I was so thankful and grateful beyond what words could express that Warner Brothers finally did end up releasing it Blu-Ray.

To be blunt (please forgive me!): I think all of us can admit that despite The Originals: The Complete Fourth Season’s lack of the usual bells and whistles—i.e. the less extravagant cover-art and casing, zero bonus features and simple episode title menus—we were just happy to have it to cherish with the rest of the seasons of both shows, just as they all had been released in Blu-Ray before!

For the last 10 years—one full decade!—this one series, two shows spanning 13 seasons together, #TVD had 8 epic seasons & #TO had 5 phenomenal seasons of its own (may they both Rest In Peace!) have left an eternal bite-mark on our hearts! The worlds created by L. J. Smith, Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec centered around the all-but-sleepy little town of Mystic Falls, Virgina and the dark untold mysteries the French Quarter in NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana—in case you didn’t know!) have come to an end, but also given birth to the next generation of TheCW’s upcoming aptly named series Legacies. Premiering October 25 @ 9PM EST!

As fans all we could possibly ask for from Warner Brother for the final season of The Originals to be honored with the same respect as the 12 other seasons and please release it in Blu-Ray! Let all 13 seasons have the same high-quality and beauty of a uniform format release so we may relive the entire experience of this decade long epic and ultimate vampire story as it was truly meant to be seen!

PLEASE (!) if you are a fan & friend of both The Vampire Diaries, or in this case specifically The OriginalsEVEN IF (!) you weren’t happy with how The Originals ended, remember the hard work and dedication everyone put into this ENTIRE series as a whole! This is the end of an era, people! We need its end to complete our Ouroborus circle of this magnificent collection in Blu-ray! SIGN THIS PETITION to release The Originals: The Complete Fifth & Final Season on Blu-Ray! SPREAD THE WORD!

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