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The non-removal of the ERD department

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I am Glongo Mansky. I am the current ERD director on CityRP. Over these short three weeks, I have personally lead and worked very hard to stabilize and uplift our ERD department. I've written many of my goals and skillsets through many essays that I use to help argue my points on various aspects of the ERD department. (Example:

So, I think a little foreground for my reply on the status of the ERD department is necessary to understand the full scope of the recent developments as my appointment of ERD command.

Two weeks ago, I noticed something off about the EMS department. As a probationary EMS, I was usually alone on the server. None of the "high command" was ever online, and if so, they were off roleplaying or shooting up the PD.

Without going into specific details, I was completely fed up with the high command. It was evident to me that Tig (Tim Petrovich) was the only person with a “command” position, doing anything at all for the department. I always saw him on the forums, TeamSpeak, and in-game, taking his position and roleplay seriously and with care. The past ERD director was almost unbeknownst to me, I had never seen his presence in-game, TeamSpeak, nor on the forums. One fateful night, I met him on-duty, the only time since. He stole my ambulance, disregarded protocols, and kicked me for a misunderstanding and ignored me.

This I thought, was absolutely disgraceful and an injustice to what the ERD department could stand for. The ERD department and the director position was not to be wasted on someone that was just given the position by whim or simply because he wanted the power. It is a sensitive and important position that requires someone to be humble, able, and dedicated. I felt bad for every one of my fellow EMS and FD employees, which were subjugated to such crappy treatment.

I requested an audience with some high command staff members about the situation of the ERD department. When this happened, the ERD department had many departures and huge events went awry, with high command deleting whole rosters and leaving the department altogether. It was evident to me and my fellow EMS, that some ERD command staff was completely unsuited, unable, and unwilling to take his position seriously. With my arguments and testimony, I had gotten Tig appointed as the ERD Director, while he was just an ERD Assistant Director.

I stepped in to help the server as a whole, by speaking out against the oppression and failed leadership of the ERD department, which is a central and vital part of City Roleplay. I sacrificed my anonymity to speak out against a very high member of staff, which is undoubtedly risky and dangerous as my current rank of Member. However, I take roleplay seriously, and CityRP is the perfect server to actually roleplay, not just raid homes and perform hits on people. This is why I choose to speak out, although I knew it would be extremely risky and dangerous to my stay here at Defcon.

I had a lot of ideas and plans that I simply could not achieve as a probationary or captain, therefore I decided to reach out once more. I knew that the ERD Assistant Director position was now open. However, there was no immediate successor to Tig’s position, as there were no active or high enough player to be appointed. I thought to myself, this is my chance to redeem the ERD department, to make it great again. After several nights of contemplation, I recognized that my best action to take was a former plea letter to be appointed as the ERD Assistant Director, to make ERD whole again.

(ERD Assistant Director Letter)

After discussing with community managers and high staff, it was agreed upon that I would be appointed as the new ERD Assistant Director, as I was also the EMS Captain at that time. I felt proud and excited to be able to create actual, physical change to the ERD department. That I would actually use this position to better the department, not to wear it as a badge or use it to be abusive.

I immediately went to work, creating command templates, appointing capable and dedicated players to the ERD, cleaning up the previous mess that the ERD was becoming.

Around a week ago, S.our had pulled us in to talk to us about the state of the ERD department and the PD. We apparently broke, unknown to us, the Fair Employment act, which involves hiring or promoting too high of positions to employees. We did this to restructure our departments, as they were in seriously bad shape and in dire need of command staff. We did apologize and S.our forgave us. Tig, Hobskins, and I kept our positions and were granted an FEA suspension on the Fair Employment act so we could properly restructure our respective departments.

Through this opportunity, we have hired many capable, dedicated, and willing command staff into our department. We offered command positions not by staff merit, not by “hours played, or by any other factor, but capability and commitment. By holding an essay opportunity, we were able to see if players will actually take the effort to the ERD department. Through the essay, we were able to determine writing ability, creative & critical thinking, dedication, and professionalism. Few of the finest players hired were:

NewaZusa, currently the ERD Assistant Director (currently resigned) (whom first applied for ERD Secretary:, Nick Richards, our current ERD Secretary, Jill Tanner, currently the EMS Captain, Kenny Wales (, currently an EMS Lieutenant, Jacob Beck, currently the Fire Department Battalion Chief, and further well-deserved positions.

As the ERD Assistant Director, I was able to achieve stability, continuity, and a complete restructure of the ERD department. To put in perspective, I’ve achieved all of this in a matter of two weeks. I have many, much more planned for the ERD department. As Tig resigned only a few days ago, I have only been the ERD Director for such a small period of time, but I assure you all, that I will use the position to the fullest and brightest ability like I have as the previous ERD Assistant Director.

In current terms, the EMS department is stabilized with strong and able leadership. We have people that are active, bright, knowledgeable, serious, and dedicated. We are able to handle massive amounts of lower ranked EMS employees with our strong leadership. Yes, currently, the EMS department may seem understaffed. However, compared to the instability and near failure of the EMS department before my appointment, I assure you, we have already made huge strides towards a healthy and stable department.

After a democratic vote conducted last ERD meeting hosted by myself, we agreed to plan tryouts and further in-game recruitment methods to get active and able EMS and FD employees very soon. We have only just finished the high command restructuring for EMS two days ago, so we have not yet started on EMS recruitment.

However, by next week, we will begin to initiate in-game recruitment activities and such to have paramedics online at least during peak times. By next week, we believe we will begin to see more and more EMS on-duty through our recruitment programs. Through the current stable leadership, we hope to see more and more effective and efficient training by our new FTO officers and command staff.

In current terms, the FD department is currently still under a restructure. Due to some lack of interest, we are still in need of able & dedicated command staff. Our new appointee, Jacob Beck, has personally promised me to usher in a new era of the FD department with his various programs and ideas. One of which is called the “explore” program, which will involve in-game recruitment through comprehensive ridealongs and hands-on assessments. Through this specific program, we will be able to recruit quality employees for both the EMS and FD departments in the following week or so. We are extending our restructuring program to next week, specifically for FD, to ensure that we are able to give more time to players that are interested in taking up the opportunity. By next week, we hope to see our command staff positions stabilized and filled with capable and dedicated players, while also starting up our new recruitment programs to ensure firefighters are online when they are needed.

All in all, the current ERD department is in a whole better state than it was a few weeks ago. After some rough changes and speaking out in uncomfortable positions, I personally have been able to achieve and will achieve, great things through the ERD department. I have many plans for the department in the following weeks ahead, to ensure the department is healthy and always active on the server.

I believe the ERD department should not be removed because of it's core vitality to the SeriousRP environment of CityRP. After all the hard work by our hardworking command staff, we cannot stand idly by while the department is underway to be disbanded. I personally believe the department has so much untapped potential, that it cannot be ignored.

Thanks for trusting me to guide and lead the ERD department on CityRP,

Glongo Mansky.

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