The MP`s and Senators should cover their Car`s cost NOT us taxpayers

Bono Wamu
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The salaries commission has let tax payers down by accepting MPs and Senators demands for huge salaries and benefits. If each of the 416 Senators and Members of Parliament get Sh5 million grant each to buy new luxury cars, that is a whooping Sh2.08 taxpayer money that could be used to improve the living standard of millions of Kenyans. It should be loan and NOT grant if they need to buy their own cars. Why should we buy personal cars to public servants? Please sign the petition to the president to reject this kind of thuggery, otherwise we will have to put our tools down and demand reversal of this directive by holding peaceful demonstrations for a month and refuse to pay taxes.


Freelance taxpayer


We refuse as tax payers our mps and senators to get grants for luxury cars and claim mileage at the same time. This is tax payers rip off. Shame on these so called public servants




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    Bono Wamu Canada
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