The Movement for Trayvon Martin Day

Arman Threat
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Due to the recent injustice done to Trayvon Martin in court and the widespread outrage of the controversial "stand your ground" law aka the "shoot first" law I feel we should start a movement to make February 26th "Trayvon Martin Day". A day for family friends, peace and unity. It will also be a day to remind us of the dedication we owe to Trayvon and so many others who have fallen victim to this "human hunting law". A never ending continued process until this law is abolished. All supporters are urged to wear a hoodie on this day and gather with family and friends to celebrate the life of Trayvon and all our children. My goal is to get 100,000 signatures in order to take the next step in getting this law abolished. If you are truly upset by this recent verdict and how this law affects all of us, then I urge to sign and join the movement.


The movement for Trayvon Martin Day




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