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The Minecraft Biome Problem

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Minecraft's Biomes. Oh deary me. "Added a brand new biome generation code simplifies life a lot and makes things much more exciting for the future." - Beta 1.8 Changelog We've got the simplified, but not the excitement. Previously, we had many types of grassland and forest, drawn using rainfall and temperature. Between desert and forest, the trees would thin and become a rolling plain, the grass would brown. We had lush jungles, mountainous tundras. Lovely beaches along the side of water. Now, every biome has a height map. Deserts and grassland are always a bit hilly. Tundra a bit more hilly. Pine forests a bit more hilly. Mountains mountainous. No more do we get mixtures. Now, every biome blends suddenly. The grass changes colour visibly... which isn't good. It's not a smooth transition. Desert and snow can be 2 blocks away from eachother. There is no middle ground. Swamps are, frankly, disgusting. Now, every same biome looks the same. All forests look alike. It's dull. It's uninspired. It's "simplified". It's the big issue. Fix the swamps. Blend the biomes. Change the heights. I like the new sizes and real oceans. But that's about it. Make this issue heard and we can change things. We can keep what is good, and bring back what is gone and was good. "If something ever doesn't feel fun, I'll remove it." - Notch Will he keep to his word?

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