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I'm starting this petition on be half of all the kids that stays in our trailer park.My name is Javonne Kibby and i stay in addis la in a trailer park and its not safe for kids and most adults.They have drugs all threw threw our trailer park dirty needles beer bottles crack heads.But the most scraiest thing was i found out that we have child molester in our trailer park he rent trailers out.And im the trailer park mom to all the kids that stays back here i fuss and play also watch all kids.My landlord is renting out trailers also and knows how things goes down in this area.I'M so scared that one of this kids going to get hurt or killed back here they dont have no fence up to protect this kids they dont have no where for this kids to play safe. I need everybodys help to get this ball rolling so we can get our neighborhood safe for my kids and the other kids.So find it in your hearts to sign this paper and help us get this going so i can be able to talk to the mayor they think i cant do it but i know with god on my side i will succeed thank u and be blesssed MISS JAVONNE E KIBBY A WORRIED PARENT OF 20 KIDS



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