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The Keep Trinity College Senior Clean Petition

Lachlan Arthur
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As a student of Trinity College Senior I recognise that the state of the hall and kitchen has been unacceptable in recent times. Therefore, in order to improve the condition and overall appearance of the school, I agree to comply with the following conditions and guidelines. I also acknowledge that if the students of Trinity College Senior fail to keep the hall and kitchen in an appropriate condition, they risk losing the privilege of using these areas permanently.

As a student of Trinity College Senior:

1) I will endeavour to leave as little mess as possible and NEVER intentionally litter.

2) I will clean up any mess I unintentionally make using the cleaning equipment and bins provided by the school. If the cleaning equipment provided is not suitable for cleaning up my mess, I will notify the staff member on duty as to how I should go about eliminating the mess caused.

3. I will take pride in my school by encouraging my peers to also keep the school environment clean and tidy.

4)I will treat the appliances in the kitchen with respect and will not dirty them unnecessarily (i.e. I will not ‘squish’ my toastie so that it leaves burnt cheese in the toastie maker and I will not place uncovered food in the microwave so that it splatters inside of it, etc.).

5) I will respect the chairs and tables in the hall by using them appropriately and not causing damage to them intentionally.

6)I will clean up any mess I see and pick up any stray bits of rubbish, even if they are not my own, in order to maintain the appearance of the school environment.

7) I acknowledge that if I repeatedly cause a mess as an individual I risk losing the privilege of using the kitchen and/or hall.

*Upon all (600+) students of Senior School signing this petition, and following negotiations with staff members, the use of the kitchen and hall will be returned to students.

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