The Injured And Financially Abused Investor's For Terrestar Corporation

Raymond Coburn
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We The Common Equity Share Holder's Of Terrestar Corporation.

We have been injured and Financially abused we have requested the appointment of an equity Committee,(and was DENIED) to Defend us in Our Desperate Situation For Justice, We Have been Wronged and Our right's as United States Citizens have been Abused.

The U.S. Trustee Tracy Hope Davis , and Judge Sean H. Lane , Ignored our Request and Never granted us protection from these fraudulent and criminal activities that have occurred  here.

We Ask That Our Government and our Federal Agencies Please Assist us in this very serious matter and case.

The Following Has Occurred within this very serious situation:

-Bait & Switch Scheme 
-( Corporate )Conflict Of Interest's 
-Mismanagement & Leadership
-Violation's Under The Congress Appointed ( " Sar-Banes-Oxely Act" )
-False Disclosure Statement's, ( Certain assets worth Billion's Not Disclosed )
-Connection ( With The Financial Advisory Firm Black Stone And Fraud Case " ENRON CORP." ) This fraud line has just continued to Terrestar Corp.
- and much more.

Please Help And Assist Us In This Matter, We Have Been Abused And Injured For Far To Long, This Must Be Stopped.







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