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The National Flag of Iran.

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To All Iranian Organizations:
We the undersigned believe the Revolution of 1979 was a turning point in the history of Iranian people. During the days that led to the overthrow of the Pahlavi regime the flag of demonstrators and consequently the flag of revolution was the national flag of Iran. The three color flag of Green-White and Red. This flag which was also flown during the Pahlavi regime over non governmental agencies was accepted by all Iranians as their national flag. This flag was adopted by the student protestors as the flag of future government. After the revolution and until the end of 1980 this flag was accepted as the flag of Republic of Iran. Once the Islamist secured their foothold on the government the first thing they did was to change the flag so that it would reflect the Islamic nature of their regime. For those of us who were watching the events in Iran and later left the country the issue of flag remained a contentious one. For some the flag of sun and lion represents the national flag of Iran. For others it represents the remnants of an out-dated and despotic system of government. Over the years some cultural organizations which claim are non political and non religious have chosen the flag of Sun and Lion as the official flag of their organization. This petition is signed by those us who firmly believe the national flag of Iran should be chosen by the Iranian people and not politically inclined cultural organizations or unscrupulous television stations and their owners in Los Angeles. we believe the flag of green-white-red should be used by all non political and non religious organizations until such time the people of Iran can choose their flag.





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