The Forgotten City, West Hills

Heather Lowry
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To: Councilman, Mitchell Englander: The forgotten city, West Hills has not received any needed maintenance, utilities, or public services in or around the areas of Vanowen/Shoup to Sherman Way/Fallbrook Ave in over 50 years. Other areas in West Hills most likely have not received attention in years also, but our area has not seen needed attention in over 50 years. The citizens in and around the Vanowen/Shoup to Sherman Way/Fallbrook Ave area have banned together with a petition to request for assistance in obtaining the following items. Newly Paved Streets, Stop Signs, Speed Limit Signs, New LED Lighting, more Police Patrols to Stop Speeding Motorist on our Residential Streets, Harm, and Bedlam in our area, and usual updates to our city that most other cities receive. This is not much to ask, and something that should be provided without asking, or a petition. Please assist the West Hills area in needed city updates that should have been provided since the West Hills inception, but has been forgotten about. The forgotten city, West Hills.



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