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The employees of Kingfisher Airlines request you to like this page as support to them and create awareness about the hopeless conditions they are livi

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Here is a story of employees of the once only 5 Star Airline in India, Kingfisher Airlines. The company at its prime used to fly over 400 flights a day. Had over 6000 employees. Sadly the company has ceased to fly now. And there are a little over 2000 employees left. The companies 5 star service was one that cannot be replaced. Remember those baggage boys clad in red who came running to you, asking you if you were flying for Kingfisher when you got out of your taxis in airports all over India? They not only carried your baggage but sometimes even your children.Then there were the ever smiling and helpful ground staff who would block your seats based on your previous booking choices. Then came the pretty cabin crew in red serving you the best airline food during their time. Most of the friendly pilots welcoming you and your children on board to make it the best possible flight experience. The engineers working hard in the background keeping the aircraft flight worthy. And the operations team planning and working 24/7. All these do bring back excellent memories of the once 5 star airline. However today most of these faithful employees who actually were responsible for the 5 star experience are deep in debt. Imagine not being paid salaries at the end of the month. What would you tell the banks , when they came knocking on your doors, about non payment of car and house loans? What will you tell your driver when he arrives on the 30th of the month demanding his salary? What will you tell your innocent son or daughter when they are pulled out of their classrooms and are evicted for not paying school fees? It is a little scary isn't it? Even to imagine? And all this for not being paid a month. This is now the daily life of a faithful Kingfisher employee. And has been for the past 1 year. The baggage boys now cant carry the burden of their own children leave alone carrying the children and luggage of 'the valued guests'. The smiles on the faces of the ground staff and the pretty cabin crew have disappeared. The pilots and engineers have lapsed licenses. Due to very costly renewal procedures and not being paid for ten months now, and lack of instructors, they cannot renew it on their own. The difficult economic situation has made it impossible for most of these faithful employees to get jobs as there are no companies hiring, or their licenses have lapsed. These employees have taken loans from friends and family for daily expenditure. Banks are sending notices to them about unpaid interests. Their children have been evicted from schools because of unpaid school fees. And the debts are mounting. They have been completely neglected by the government and the company. These employees, who made your experience of flying a 5 star airline enjoyable are now demanding their basic human rights. Neglected by everyone today, they have no hope left; but. to seek the help of 'the valued guests' . The employees of Kingfisher Airlines request you to like this page as support to them and create awareness about the hopeless conditions they are living in. About how they have been neglected and no one seems to be bothered about their situation. As an appeal to the government, to make sure that they be paid their seriously overdue salaries. The Employees, against all odds, do hope their beloved Airline comes back! To fly the 5 star Airline again! To fly the good times! And to make sure ' The valued guests' can sit back relax and enjoy the Kingfisher Experience!

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