The Creation Of More Volunteering Opportunities In Lynchburg, Va For Terry McAuliffe

Brandon Shiflett
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As you all know the Gubernatorial election for Virginia is in November and every little bit counts, every effort, and every attempt to aid the person who I believe would be best suited for the job, Terry McAuliffe. My girlfriend and I have spent countless hours volunteering for the Obama campaign and we and I know many others are ready and willing to give what we can as far as time and effort to doing whatever necessary to impact this however we can and if you aren't familiar with the lack of volunteer opportunities in the Lynchburg Virginia area, there are many out there with a voice just waiting to be heard and many wanting to help and give just as much myself, and just as dedicated to the cause with no way and no place to make it happen. Especially with Cuccineli who already has an office for this purpose in the area.

Even if you are not from the area, this could help a completely untapped population of potential for so much to change and swing in the favor of someone very truly deserving of the job. With opportunities even not in your area, it reaches people who want to help and have no way. Signing could help a cause that is very important to me, and more importantly help Virginia that is deeply in need of a competent and able Governor.

Thank you for taking the time to read if you did. 





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