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Dear Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird and Members of Parliament, As Egyptian-Canadians and our Canadian allies, we expect our government to have a strong and clear position in favour of freedom and civil liberties. Hundreds of thousands of Egyptian citizens rejected President Morsi's November 22nd declaration because his decree stated that the President's decisions cannot be reviewed or appealed by any judicial power, and that the judges from the Constitutional High Court were banned from going to work by the President's supporters. After two weeks of peaceful protests and demonstrations, the pro-democratic and progressive Egyptian movements are currently facing a slaughter at the hands of extremist Muslim Brotherhood militia groups. This is happening with complete approval of President Morsi, who is a member of the same extremist group committing the violence. So far, unlike the European Parliament, which expressed its deep concerns about the violence occurring in Cairo and the rest of the country, our Canadian government has not reacted to these horrific events in any way. Therefore, we ask you to stand for democracy and human rights and by supporting the democratic and peaceful citizens of Egypt who are exercising their right to liberty and freedom of expression. Minister John Bairdm as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Members of Parliament, as the elected representatives of Canadians, you must denounce the violence orchestrated by Morsi and his supporters; you must urge the Egyptian President • to call off his militias and stop the brutal attacks and killings, • to respect the will of the Egyptian people to participate in a new legitimate Constitutional process, inclusive of all Egyptians, and • to stop any kind of interference in the workings of the judicial system. We look forward to hearing your declaration denouncing the on-going repression and reminding Mr. Morsi what is the essence of democracy and human rights. Sincerely Yours.





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