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My Candy Love Beta Forum

This petition has been created for those who wish to express their immense dislike towards the new Beta Forum, which has been moved over to the American site of Amour Sucré, My Candy Love. We as individuals believe that the new Beta Forum lacks the simplicity and the convenience the old Forum held, and we have ultimately decided to send forward our views to the Beemoov team. We have a couple of issues with additional changes but our main concern is directed towards the Beta Forum. We know that the Beemoov team have spent many months to create the new website, and we understand that, but we also know the Beemoov team appreciate the thoughts of their users and buyers. The several reasons why many individuals dislike the new Beta Forum will be listed below, and we hope Beemoov will consider these factors and restore the old Forum which we all have enjoyed using for the past five years.


Our first issue is the new writing font. The difference between the old font and the new font is easily detected and has indeed sparked dislike from many individuals. It is an unappealing style and is hard to read, and the reason it is difficult to read is because the spacing between lines is too close together. We have also received complaints from those who suffer from dyslexia, telling us that the font makes it hard to differentiate the letters, so we urge you to restore the old font. The new font has also made it troublesome to read the titles of topics as letters are too condensed. In very simple words, the previous font was easier to read and more appealing to the eye. Lines were not too close together, and words and letters were spaced out evenly.


When it comes to posting on the Beta Forum, the sizing of the page itself is considerably large. When using pictures on the Forum, they also are too close together, ruining the artistic imagery. My Candy Love players enjoy expressing their creative side and the new Beta Forum diminishes that. Tying the factors about the writing font, the large page and the closeness of the pictures, it all looks aesthetically unpleasing. Undeniably, the former Forum was a lot easier to operate and all was in proportion; posts looked fitting and images were spaced evenly and the font was easy to read.


Everything on the Beta Forum looks blown out with the bright colours of green and blue; the colour scheme looks very sickly and has left many players dissatisfied and bitter towards the new Forum. The colours are far too ostentatious, overbearingly child-like and overall, highly unappealing. The old Forum had a simplicity to it that all users appreciated; it wasn't at all overbearing to look at. Not to mention, the new heart-shaped loading icon — very childish and has disagreed with many players.


Yes, we are aware that the coding needs to be fixed but it is an extreme mess and, once again, looks unpleasing on forum posts. The new colour of the spoilers and quotes are abominable and aesthetically unattractive. We can confidently assure Beemoov that most players prefer the old BBCode and spoilers, quotes et cetera. Please do reconsider changing the coding (and everything else we have stated).


The messages icon is merely useless, it would have been better if it stayed the same (the Forum included). It was confusing at first and just looks very odd. Another concern is profiles — it looks extremely unpleasant, especially with the added touches.

Ultimately, we all believe that the former Forum is simply the best out of the two in terms of how easy it is to operate, the mellow colour scheme, the simplicity of the Forum and the ease of posting — aesthetically pleasing, excellent coding and easy-to-read font. We urge the Beemoov team to reconsider their choices of the new Beta Forum and provide My Candy Love with its former Forum, which we have all learned to loved. Please give us back the Forum we deserve. We hope you consider our points, Beemoov.

Thank you for your co-operation,

The MCL Community.

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