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Bengal Tiger

Do you like animals ? Well you should, because there existence is vital! Why? If you want to know read this. One of the most beautiful creatures on earth are the Bengal Tigers.You can find bengal tigers mostly in India or in smaller population like Nepal,China and Bangladesh etc etc.These tigers are the ones species of felines that stil are more numerous. The amount of bengal tiger left in the wild are 2,500.These tigers habitat are in high altitudes, Tropical and subtropical rainforests,Mangroves and Grasslands. However they mostly live in forests or jungels. The bengal measures 8 to 10 ft and (2 to 3m) In length. However they weigh 440-650 pounds . These tigers are mostly endangered because of deforestation or Hunting, or other threats like illegal trading.

Now let's go into a general way of thinking. Tigers (Wait)! Before, in the beginning I promised that I was going to tell you importance of all the animals well let me tell you. Animals are like a balance, if one animal disappears the balance falls. Well it's the same things with us. If a animals like the Bengal tiger gets- extinct ,who is going to eat there prey. Well I know what you are thinking ( the lion or the cheetah will eat there prey blablablablabla) well,what happens if all the family of cats gets extinct ,who it's going to eat the antiloop? No one! So now do you understand. Now let's go back to my topic.Tigers are important because they are vital and rich to nature! What I mean is that, if we start protecting these species that would benefit us in other ways. An example is,if we protect one tiger in one area of forest we could at least protect 25,000 acres of forest.(Do you know how much that would help us !) (Maybe you are saying ,who cares about forest!) Although you forgot that forests and nature supply us with, Fresh water, food, and last but not least a good and healthy health. Now what are you thinking? Well maybe you are wondering how can we help them? Well don't worry I got that covered, But let's take one of these three options illegal trading,deforestation and hunting and chose one of them. Why? Because we should do things step by step. Because if we help everybody at the same time, it's going to be a disaster!

So let's follow Mother Teresa words “If you can’t feed a hundred people , then just feed one. The topic that I want to help first is Illegal Trading . One of the causes of illegal trading are Money. The people that are responsible for this are Consumers of tiger products,porchers/crime syndicates, Tiger farm operators,Governments,Consumers worldwide, and corporations. These people sell tiger parts, in the black market. THese Individuals,sometimes use tiger's teeth for jewelry. Or they use their tails for cultures,that protects from malicious curses. They use every single part in there body! For something dumb or stupid. So if you WANT TO HELP MY CAUSE JOIN ME TO DESTROY ILLEGAL TRADING AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

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