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The banning of Kendall Jones and other hunt pictures.

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We are now in 2015, evolution has granted us the incredible ability to be able to build shops and sell food to others. So why is it, that some people feel the need to hunt?.

Well there is hunting and then there is straight up murder. Hunting, for example, should be a person tracking and animal through a forest, using nature and skill to take down an animal that is used for food for their family. Hunting is not being hidden in a bush, with a high powered rifle aiming at creatures like Giraffes, that are grazing and have no idea the coward is there, to then be shot and posed with for social media likes and thrown away after or worse still, have their heads hung upon a wall like a psychopathic trophy.

We are animals, the problem with so many humans, is the thought we're more than that and are entitled to do these kind of barbaric rituals and are above all the other incredible diverse species that share our planet.

There is only one species on this planet that needs a cull and it's not Giraffes, Lions, Rhinos, Foxes etc. So hunters, how would you feel if others decided that humans needed population control and shot your children then hung their heads upon walls?

So many of us have reported these hunting pages on facebook, yet they do nothing about it. Since when did we decide breastfeeding is more disturbing for our children to see, than a beautiful animal, dead with blood around it and some disturbed person smiling beside it's carcass?

Please sign this petition is you want to see a ban on social media's, of pages promoting the disgusting 'sport' and lets try our best to help these sadistic killers be removed and stopped from getting their precious 'likes' for death. The more that sign, the more likely Facebook will listen.

Peace and thank you. x

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